I would like to start with forex.

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by garner, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. ahmadvipro

    ahmadvipro Member

    true at all, is not aware of when we are active in the forums we can gain knowledge about forex, because in their own forums, particularly an active forum and many discuss forex, many traders who share experiences and information. I got knowledge about forex and I started to try a demo account of ViproMarkets.
  2. boniez

    boniez Active Member

    before we start of the forex business, we will require the preparation of a demo account and also understand how to develop good trading using a real account you must know the risks of forex business was like.
  3. kxforexmart

    kxforexmart Member

    Before entering any kind of business traders have to know that how much they are knowing the business and how they are dedicated towards the profession and as per the situation they can act
  4. radex78

    radex78 Active Member

    Yes of course we need to learn first before joined on business, so we having one picture about these business ahead, learn forex also will giving understanding if forex included high risk high gain and possible trader losing money in forex business although this is risky but many trader still like and trade here
  5. boniez

    boniez Active Member

    of course the broker will help our trading activity, but make sure to understand terms and conditions. and im try with my forexmart account to get the opportunity in trade forex to get the profit.
  6. bigshow

    bigshow Member

    Brokers can also be termed as our trading partners as they equipped us with the required technology to make trade among the forex market.
  7. radex78

    radex78 Active Member

    I think all trader will choose broker if want to start trading in forex market, now cost for forex business is more cheap than before using internet, many broker offer low minimum deposit even 1$ already can start trading, and also high leverage although this is also like as double edge of swords, one edge giving benefit another edge might harmful account
  8. uncle gober

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    right broker election may be one of the important factors that can determine our success in trading. therefore when about choosing a broker, do not just concerned about the comfort of trading that is given by the broker, but note also about safety. I myself choose trade with Tickmill.
  9. ryangos

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    If you choose forex to build your career, then you must study about forex trading first. Trading foreign currency directly is tough, I mean no as easy as stocks. It seems easy but reality is different. Though there are some way that you can make this business as your secondary income source at first step. You should choose a good broker like Trade24 who can help you in many ways through their facilities or services of this platform.

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