How to become an exchanger

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  1. marcellino

    marcellino New Member

    You can ask for it to every ecurency than you want to be an exchanger, such as Perfectmoney you have to deposit at least $2,500
  2. surya77

    surya77 Member

    may become exchanger is best way to earn money with varoius number. become excahnger we can enjoy the spread.
  3. rexway

    rexway Banned

    To become an exchanger you need to pass through so many process and also you must be sure that you can proof your self that you can do it to the government agency through verification and license payment which is a bit expensive
  4. surya77

    surya77 Member

    need a long time for become bitocin exchanger that is not easy we need 5 bitcoin minimum and server PC for become bitcoin excahnger.
  5. rexway

    rexway Banned

    I guess 1bitcoin is value about $800 then 5 bitcoin which is needed is roughly $45000k+ its a huge sum of money I think its not easy doing that for people who just get started online
  6. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    I think that it is not all online Exchangers has license to do so. And that is very Bad, Exchangers should register as a legal entity. So in future, he will not have any issues with Government, as well as up coming Exchangers.
  7. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    I think international exchangers have some amount of money they deposit to the payment processor before they become certified exchangers of that payment processor. For the local ones, there might be some body regulating their activities.
  8. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    They should be a local E-currency Regulator or else many will abuse it, making many client's trust will ware-down with the current Exchangers. For international Exchangers, I think that they have to deposit some fund with the processor before the can be verified Exchangers, same as verified local Exchangers.
  9. Aarna singh

    Aarna singh New Member

    What is e-currency exchanger, can some explain me about this?

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