How much should I start investing with?

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by NPerez, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. peterg

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    Forget everything else.
    Back to the the original question: How much should I start investing with ?

    The actual amount is totally irrelevant: IT IS THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT YOU ARE FULLY PREPARED TO LOSE

    That's all. It doesn't matter if it is $1 or $1000

    Believe me.... :(
  2. anamishi

    anamishi New Member

    A suggestion


    While you're saving to invest, I would suggest making a list of 20 programs that you are interested in. Make note of all of their minimum investment requirements, add them together and make that your savings goal. By the time you are ready to invest at least 70% of the programs on your list will have folded. Invest half of the money you saved equally between the rest of the programs on your list. Save the other half for later.

    Good luck.
  3. Truly

    Truly Banned

    Glad that you have got started!
    If you want to try, do it now!
    Actually you are not alone!
    Most of us here are on the same boat with you: accumulating funds - that is, from the present point ($10s or $100s) to where we could have $Ks to invest.

    This isnt a short process, we have to pay the lessons.
  4. Trinary

    Trinary Member

    Exactly like tudi said, we're trying to accumulate funds right now...
  5. aditigupta

    aditigupta Member

    The capital which is required to begun with investment depends on investors risk bearing capability and what returns he is expecting from the market. Investors should analyze these parameters and accordingly invest as per their risk bearing capability.
  6. bigshow

    bigshow Member

    I guess we should only invest that sum of money which we can afford to loose..
  7. Investment amount should be decieded according to capacity of the traders. How much money should you invest is totally depends on your risk handling capabilities.
  8. priya rajput

    priya rajput Member

    There is no money compulsion for investing in stock market. You can start from even 100 rupees and if you want to do 1000 more. Before investing in the investment, the market needs to know well.
  9. Aarna singh

    Aarna singh Member

    Traders should not invest the complete account in one go. By this strategy they can make some amount,if they face any lose.

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  10. Guramu

    Guramu New Member

    I believe that before investing your money, you should study the project well, get acquainted with the people with whom you want to cooperate and check the company where you want to invest. Now you can find out all the necessary information on the Internet, for example here . I would not recommend investing the last money. I believe that you need to invest the money that you have allocated for this.
  11. Aarna singh

    Aarna singh Member

    Making investment in market is not very difficult. However, earning from the same is difficult. If you wish to invest some amount, then you should have complete knowledge about market.
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  12. ron.kotka

    ron.kotka New Member

    You should start with a small capital.
    See the market trends and see how it works so that you can gain experience and exposure.
    I think the biggest factor in how much you should invest is answered by how much can you afford to lose.
  13. Guramu

    Guramu New Member

    I think that everything depends on your financial situation, as well as on the project in which you want to invest money. We recently expanded the business. We wanted to open an office in New York. I realized that I cann't handle this alone, so I hired professionals ADVERTISING DELETED. It required a little more money than I expected, so my investments were more than I used to, but I invested money in my business, which will bring a lot of profit. I wouldn't invest so much money in someone else's project.
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  14. Aarna singh

    Aarna singh Member

    As per trading experience I would suggest to invest the amount which you can affort to loss. Because drastic changes takes place in market and the stocks performance are affected by this, which can also leads to great loss.

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