How can i check duplicate or copied content form webpages?

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  1. forumsposter

    forumsposter New Member

    i am little bit confused that what tool i can check copied or duplicate content from webpages. any one here?
  2. Estiva

    Estiva Member

    You can use copyscape or copy sentry for the detection of copied contents.Many forums posters usually copy from other blogs and for that reason it is possible to find them in tons. Just use copyscape as they are finding a lot of duplicate content every day with fresh index.
  3. Eugene

    Eugene Member

    as a good advice to use webpage advego (i don't remember link exactly) but rewrites on freelance always use it to check for the copies of text.
  4. hbniushakhan

    hbniushakhan Banned

    Well as much I know about Google and Google panda I can explain, if you are posting same content on different websites and assuming Google will rank all of them or any of them so you are at wrong end, because Google only index first post and add others to duplicate which may decrease your rank in future because of posting duplicate content.
  5. frchowe214

    frchowe214 Banned

    simply go to the copyscape website and make an account with them. Their service is very good in this kind of verification for the contents on your website. They are updated daily and have good reputation in the market as well. So very trusted indeed.
  6. shafiul_dhaka

    shafiul_dhaka New Member

    According to me duplicate content is not good for all site. Anyone can easily check the particular content is duplicate or not through Copyscape tool.
  7. Estiva

    Estiva Member

    Other than copyscape you can also type the content in the google or bing and check if any other site is copying it and showing it on their page. There are chances that syndication is going to be ignored. so that is another option if you can't afford copyscape.
  8. Ken Peterson

    Ken Peterson Member

    Of course, Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker and that allows you to observe duplicate content and check if your articles are unique.
  9. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    While you can use copyscape for checking duplicated articles in websites, it not only helps you trace someone who is using your content, but also helps prevent you from committing such a crime. Besides Copyscape, there are many other article checking tools as well!. But don`t forget that Copyscape also offers credit purchase with which you can check against unpublished articles too!. You can find reviews on 4 free duplicate content checker tools in the website below:
  10. pkdoo7

    pkdoo7 Member

    well their are so many websites for pleagiarism checking and you can search on google about this , it is too easy to check , , just put your duplicate contents on the site and if you have copied some ware on web , site will send you on the right destination in search results .
  11. Princeofheart

    Princeofheart Member

    If you are talking about plagiarism, you can use many anti plagiarism softwares. many plagiarism checkers are paid to check. But you can try some versions or softwares that are free to use. They not only detect dublicate content but also show that your content is protected.
  12. elux

    elux Member

    Does that mean if some one copied from my blog and modify it, would i still detect or see it as my article?
  13. adumpaul

    adumpaul New Member

  14. somupriti

    somupriti Member

    There are some methods available online to check the uniqueness of one content. There are pay plagiarism checkers and free plagiarism checkers. Off the two the pay checkers are the good ones. You can search for the better one.
  15. coolmanish

    coolmanish New Member

    I think You can use copy scape tool.
  16. somupriti

    somupriti Member

    There is a site called and the site offers many options like plagriarism checker and also content rewritting option. You can take the advantage of that site free of cost. Just try it.
  17. Speed47

    Speed47 Member

    Just google the same topic of content. Then, check each displayed site to know the one that matches.
  18. somupriti

    somupriti Member

    you can check out PLR Article+keyward in google and download it then rewrite the same article through smallseotools. You can post the same article at any where in article submission sites. This works good to drive traffic to your main site.
  19. pratibhaverma

    pratibhaverma New Member

    You can use copyscape for the check of duplicacy of content
  20. Laraseo2010

    Laraseo2010 New Member


    Copyscape is a very good site. I have refined my website from copyscape and my all content was 100% plagiarism free.

    You can see my website here:
    Also you can send me comment for improvement as appreciated.

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