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Discussion in 'HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs' started by jambutty, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    So You Want To Make Some Money in HYIP’s?

    Out of all the HYIP’s listed in GoldPoll around 100 have got past 100 days with around 50 of those getting past 200 days and 20 or so progressing past one year.

    After all, programmes like NMC etc all started at 0 days lifetime and the way to make money is to get in at 0 days or at least in day 1 or 2.

    My research suggests that 35% of all new programmes will go down before they reach their break-even point but the remainder will carry on for varying lengths of time.

    Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself at

    So how can we exploit those statistics to our collective advantage?

    Simple! Join every new HYIP and stick $50 into each. OK! $50 may be a little too much but what about $20? That is still too much for one person and not forgetting the work involved, but not for a group.

    For such a scheme to work a working capital of $2,000.00 would be needed at $50 per head. That’s 40 people. Any lesser amount per head would make the scheme too unwieldy to be practical. But there is nothing to stop 5 people getting together with their $10 and one of them join in.

    Make no mistake – what I am suggesting will mean a positive commitment to be active every single day for the foreseeable future.

    The scheme would work like this:
    General Manager.
    I would use the defunct StarkFund LR account to collect the $50’s and publish the usual web page to keep everyone informed of the state of play.

    HYIP Source Manager.
    Would keep an eye on GoldPoll every day and send the name and URL of the new HYIP’s to the Referral Managers, spreading the load between them as evenly as possible.

    6 Referral Managers.
    They would be obliged to get a new email address and open an LR account using that email address and not use it anywhere else. Those people would have to supply photo ID of either driving license or passport and a scan of a Utility bill showing their home address. Those people would need to have a secure computer with a decent firewall and anti-nasty software kept up to date and follow the guide lines for passwords etc. We will not accept “My account has been hacked” as an excuse for funds going missing.

    I would transfer some funds (say $50 to begin with) to each of those LR accounts to enable the holders to join every new HYIP that comes on stream with the minimum deposit. They would then send me the referral URL of each HYIP. Any referral commission plus withdrawals would then be used to join new HYIP’s as they come on line. When that LR account reaches a balance of more than $100 then $50 would be transferred back to the main LR account.

    Each Referral Manager would have total control of his/her batch of HYIP’s (probably about 30) and make withdrawals and recycling of the principle as required until the inevitable end.

    The Referral Managers would be required to publish a screen grab of the LR account once a week, preferably on the same day each week.

    Using the collected funds, I would join each HYIP with a $20 deposit, or the minimum if it is more than $20, using the supplied referral URL and then pass the credentials to another partner (HYIP Control Manager) to keep track of it and make withdrawals etc. Over time every partner would have a few HYIP’s under his/her control. But the withdrawals would go to the main LR account for periodic distribution to the partners.

    I reckon that eventually we would have a deposit in over 150 HYIP’s. That is each HYIP Control Manager would have control of about 5 HYIP’s at any one time.

    In other words each partner would have an active part in the scheme and that would make them really feel a part of the scheme and not just a bystander.

    All communications between partners would have to be by email. PM’s are too unreliable at the moment with GT suffering a certain amount of down time for some people. Speed of operation is vital.

    I have no forecast as to how soon we will see something back for our $50 but it could be as long as 2 months. But once we start getting something back it should be pretty regular thereafter.

    So let’s talk about it. Find any flaws and offer solutions to them. Think “what if”.

    There is no rush at all to set this up. We have all the time in the world to get this right first time.

    However if we work together as a real team I feel that this would work. There is no “I” in team, partner or manager.

    We could even have a dummy run to see how it works.
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  2. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    I would be willing to join but as I have lost almost all my money now it may take me a month to get the money together clicking on forums unless PTV comes back and pays me something and I can do it so if you can wait a bit I am willing to join in. If I can gather the money earlier then it would be great..We should refer under members also so we get the ref com to minimize the losses.
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  3. deniece

    deniece Member

    I'm interesting in join you guys here, but I have some questions:
    - Are we going to be able to invest in several e-currencies, if I get in will be using AP not LR, is that a problem?
    - Are there going to be standards or parameters for the hyip that we're going to use, some hyip only last for a week or less, who's going to decide if the hyip is worth it or not
    - How are we going to pick the members that will make the transactions and create the LR accounts
  4. maxcool

    maxcool Active Member

    I was also thinking of how to take some advantage in this days when hyips are falling down... and your statistics are right. The only bad thing i have view right now is that too many ppl managing the funds can generate problems and bad understoods.

    I rather a "normal" syndicate.
  5. milly84

    milly84 Member

    it is getting intimidating when HYIP turns to scam, moment after we deposit money to them..
    but jim's idea is interesting, taking advantage of HYIP..
    im in for the HYIP souce manager.. :)
  6. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    deniece - Unfortunately using more than one payment processor would cause too many problems. So we can only handle LR.

    If I or anyone else would know in advance which HYIP will last only a week or two then there would be no need for this scheme.

    The whole point is because we do not know which HYIP will last how long, yet we know that many last for at least a year then we join them all. We know that some will fall away but we also know that some will go on and on. Just imagine if this scheme was running 4 years ago and we had $20 in NMC we would have earned over $400. In fact it would have been much more because once we got into a clear profit we could progressively up the stake using only earnings.

    So if we join every HYIP no one needs to decide. But I take your point that there will be some new HYIP’s where it would be foolish to get involved in them. Those that claim to pay hourly for example and also any offering ridiculous interest rates, like 100% or more in a day. However we can decide the actual parameters at a later time.

    I am just trying to establish the principle to confirm that the scheme will work. I know it will if we work together at it and all know exactly what is required from each of us.

    The “Managers” will be selected from the 40 partners by mutual consent. What that means is once we have 40 people ready to commit themselves and able to contribute $50 I will look for volunteers and the rest of us will decide which ones to pick from them.

    It will work something like this. I will ask for volunteers to take on the task of HYIP Source Manager. We, the other 39, will grill him/her about his reasons etc. and if the majority of us feel comfortable with the volunteer s/he gets the job. If there is more than one then it gets put to the vote after they are all grilled.

    It would be something similar for the other managerial positions.

    All this is going to take time but time is a commodity that we have plenty of.

    The first requirement is to find 39 people who are ready to risk $50 and help to run the whole scheme as described in the opening post. In the meantime we talk about it and try to find glitches and flaws in the idea.

    maxcool – it would not be possible to run this as a “normal” syndicate. There is too much work for one person to handle and to have a life as well. I’ve spent nearly 73 years getting used to the idea of sleeping every night and eating 2 or 3 times a day to give it up now.

    On the face of it, it might seem that too many people are managing the funds, but one person only manages a part of the scheme. It is almost a built in safeguard as it is unlikely that all 39 will decide to cheat and run off. Statistically speaking one person will try to cheat us.

    Look at it this way. If I decide to try any funny stuff the HYIP Control Managers could stop making withdrawals so the LR account that I control wouldn’t get any money.

    If any of the HYIP Control Managers tried to grab the HYIP for themselves they couldn’t change the password or LR account number because it would have to be confirmed from an email. And I will be the only one to get those.

    The referral managers should not have much more than $100 in their accounts at any one time and when they do they have to send $50 to the main account. And we have their $50 in the main account. So if any of them try anything not only do they not get any money when a payout is due they won’t get their $50 back. Come on, who is going to run for $50 when there is so much more to be gained?

    There is one safeguard that I haven’t mentioned yet and it would depend on Jeff’s cooperation. I haven’t asked him yet but I will when the time comes.

    All credentials will be lodged with him so that in the event someone does try to run off with the goods he will be asked to release them to us so that we can regain control of whatever has been compromised.

    milly84 – it’s a little bit early for volunteering but thanks anyway. And your name will be kept in mind.
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  7. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    I will start saving up 50 bucks again..All the money I will earn from forums and clicking will go for this fund from now on...If PTV lasts then I will draw from there too as that is the only place I have a little bit of decent money in. So when it is ready I am in..If we are short of 40 people I can nominate my Husband for another 50 or I will go in with 100 if it is o.k :beer: For us small timers that tried and failed it is the only way now..I was thinking of joining every hyip with 5 or ten bucks minimum at a time but if this kicks off then I think it is a great idea.
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  8. deniece

    deniece Member

    Tks for the explanation and you're right, I will try to save some money and maybe I can exchange my AP to LR.
  9. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    If you were thinking of joining every HYIP with $5 or $10 on your own just remember that at any one time you would be in between 150 and 200 HYIP’s with some falling away and others taking their place practically daily. That would be using up to $2,000 in the first month or so. Once you start you cannot miss any HYIP, because it could just be the one that lasts for 4 years, or it could not. No one knows until after the event. This scheme covers all the eventualities.

    Just look at the GoldPoll list and think, what if we had got this going 3 years ago. We would have been pulling in money hand over fist today.

    Thinking a year ahead, we could be going in with $50 deposits in all HYIP’s and that would be higher cash rewards.

    We need 40 different people with $50 each, because everyone will have a job to do and it wouldn’t be right if someone were doing two jobs. Like any team every job is as important as the rest.

    deniece – I’m sure that you will find someone to do an exchange with you when the time comes. But that is a long way off yet. We must learn to walk before we can run.
  10. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

    Firstly, thanks Jambutty for this intelligent idea. But with the recent problems, that some of hyip investors encountered. I think or suggest that this plan should be extend, so that we can watch over this hyips. For me, am new investor in hyip. I merely invest minimum of 10 bucks in a hyip, but if your idea will be extend, i should try to save up to that to join.
  11. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Sorry Forumtech but I’m not sure what you are trying to convey. Unless you mean that the plan should not start just yet.

    Don’t worry it won’t start soon. It could be well into April before we have a list of 40 people willing to risk $50 and to take their part in the scheme. Then we have to find the right people for the managers’ jobs and then a few dummy runs so that everyone knows exactly what they will be doing. So you will have plenty of time to save up.
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  12. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

    Jambutty, Does it mean, that everyone gonna get work in the team? If so, it will be okay. As we will all know how every thing it is been done.
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  13. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    IF for some reason we can't find 40 people can people come in with a top up if necessary? So the idea doesn't die off? I mean can that be an option at least? :love: :love:
  14. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Yes! All 40 partners will have a job to do.

    A General Overview How It Works.

    Let us assume that me as General Manager and all the Referral Managers have each opened a new email account and a new LR account.

    Let us also assume that all the $50’s have been collected and all the Referral Managers will have each been given $50 into their LR accounts.

    The HYIP Source Manager will access GoldPoll every day and collect the URL’s of all the new HYIP’s that show a lifetime of 0 days. The HYIP Source Manager will ignore the HYIP’s that pay hourly or more than 50% per day. The HYIP Source Manager will email the URL’s to the Referral Managers spreading them evenly amongst them.

    The Referral Managers will register with those HYIP’s and deposit the minimum amount and thus gain a referral URL. They will email me those referral URL’s. The Referral Managers will also access the HYIP’s daily to make withdrawals or recycle the original principle where necessary until the inevitable end of the HYIP. When a Referral Manager’s LR account has a balance of $100 or more s/he will transfer $50 to the main LR account. The Referral Managers will be required to publish a screen grab of their LR account once a week.

    As General Manager I will register using the referral URL’s sent to me by the Referral Managers and deposit $20 in each. Any referral commission will go to the Referral Managers and eventually to the main LR account. I will then email the logging in and withdrawing details to the HYIP Control Managers, spreading the workload as evenly as possible.

    The HYIP Control Managers will access the HYIP’s under their control every day and make a withdrawal or recycle if necessary until the inevitable end. The withdrawn money will go direct to the main LR account.
  15. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    I should add that no one can have 2 managers jobs. So the General Manager, HYIP Source Manager and Referral Manager will not be allowed to take on the job of HYIP Control Manager.

    I suggested 40 people because they would raise a nice round $2,000 between them and that is the amount that I reckon would be needed to get things moving. I base that on 100 new HYIP’s coming on-line each month. 100 HYIP’s at $20 each means $2,000 would be needed. But during that month there would be withdrawal money coming in so we would probably get away with just $1500 or put another way 30 people, but it would be tight.

    However if we get more than 40 people then that will be OK because we could increase the number of Referral Managers to ease the load on the rest. The full GoldPoll list contains about 180 HYIP’s so with 6 Referral Managers that would be 30 each. And that is a lot for one person to handle day by day. On reflection it might be better to have 10/12/15 Referral Managers having just 18/15/12 HYIP’s each to control. The greater the workload the more prone to errors creeping in. I’m beginning to favour 15 Referral Managers.

    In the unlikely event of a ‘cash flow’ problem during the first month or two I had intended to LEND enough money to get over the ‘cash flow’ problem. It would be returned to me as soon as possible.

    Once we start this project we cannot miss a single day, because we could be missing the one HYIP that goes on for years. Of course we could also be missing the one that bombs within a few days. We just don’t know what the future will bring. So we have to cover all eventualities and that means grabbing every new HYIP, except the obvious scams of course.

    The first target will be to get our $50’s back plus a bit extra. When we achieve that we can look at increasing the stake to more than $20.

    Keep on asking questions and looking for flaws because that is the only way that we can perfect things.
  16. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    Very logical answers..Should we start listing our names who are definitely interested then? I am in.
  17. new22

    new22 Active Member

    only 35% of all new programmes will go down before they reach their break-even point?

    my feeling is 90% lol and 50% ends in first week

    but I do agree if one knows why he join the new programs it would definitely reduce to 35% but joining all new programs would never be the case
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  18. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Well you know me. Mr Logical. But I like to think things through as much as possible before making a move in the HYIP world.

    I need people to understand what they are getting into so that their commitment is genuine before even thinking about names. It is going to take time so exercise some patience. Remember, spend in haste, repent at leisure.

    Keep talking, keep searching for flaws in the logic. Do some homework yourself. If we can have a stake in the top 20 or 30 programmes having started at day 0 then we will be quids in. For the non English that is dollars in.

    And now it's time for bed. 'night all.
  19. intelova

    intelova New Member

    Jambutty, could you clarify something please? I'm afraid I miss some parts when reading your first post.

    Assuming that 35% of all HYIPs will fold, that would mean 35% of the deposit will disappear.
    So we have 65% of our deposit which will generate profits, let me call it the 'surviving deposit'
    However, to cover the 35% loss, the 'surviving deposit' will have to generate about 54% of itself. So that 65 + (65x54%) = 100.1% (break even)

    How do we ensure that the 'surviving deposit' will generate an average of 54% before they 'die'?
  20. umapagau

    umapagau Member

    Why not just form a HYIP with 40 of us as shareholders and make sure this one doesn't fall. A small conglomerate, I guess. Think of a way to generate income. Count me in because I'll be retiring in two years.
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