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Discussion in 'GoldPoll HYIP Rating' started by shark, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. cobain

    cobain New Member is not paying

    receive email from admin

    Withdrawal has been sent

    10:20 PM (13 hours ago)

    to me
    Hello cobain gitu.
    Your payment has been sent.Please check your account ,thanks
    to stay with us.
    Transaction batch is n/a.

    no batch number and nothing in my perfect money account
    this is my history in my perfect money from 29.08.2014 to 05.09.2014
    09:46 05.09.14 Receive 67676050 U6247365 CONIX.BIZ +10.2
    18:57 04.09.14 Receive 67636104 U7326690 Millions Dream +22.6
    08:24 04.09.14 Receive 67584176 U5034001 +7.2
    07:35 04.09.14 Receive 67581884 U4484971 +7.2
    06:26 03.09.14 Transfer 67488152 U6868681 -30.59
    09:55 02.09.14 Transfer 67409019 U2972784 AccelerateFund Invetment -10.19
    09:23 02.09.14 Transfer 67406681 U8652664 pokerpaying -10.19
    08:31 01.09.14 Receive 67171562 U7431149 VioletStock +21.00
    05:30 29.08.14 Transfer 66947514 U7326690 Millions Dream LTD -20.39

    please help me and confirm this, thank you
  2. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

  3. jeFF

    jeFF Super Moderator


    This program is already marked as PROBLEMatic HYIP on our site.

    Don't try to use so-called "funds recovery" service. This is SCAM. Please visit our Blog for more details:

  4. jeFF

    jeFF Super Moderator


    We would like to investigate it. Please visit , leave your bad votes for this HYIP and follow our instructions that will appears on the page. We will check it.

  5. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    Admin, I voted for after contacting you firstly on GoldPoll when there Statues was "paying" on your Monitor. Reply please.
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  6. kostyan2010

    kostyan2010 New Member

    Hello Jeff,
    Goldtrade stop paying me 3 days ago. I have no answer from admin for my messages. I sent the bad vote already. Please try to help me. Thanks
  7. sharat123

    sharat123 Member


    iam really trust you and if any scam i will jioned site i will when sent you a site scam information if i will check in goldpoll any HYIP Not Paying if iam jioned immidatly iwill sent you my username password thanku vey much for us(investers support) and how to send you my bad vote and my username password where to send you mailid please
  8. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    Do that through goldpoll site by voting and providing you username and password
  9. SK inv

    SK inv New Member

    Dear Jeff,

    My withdraws on Ipefund pending for over 72 hours. I leave bad vote already. Try to help me if you can. Thanks
  10. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    Since the Ipefund Admin increased minimum payout, I feel it is done for the project.
  11. emmatee

    emmatee New Member

    Jeff and Team,
    This is great and i want thank you as am just new in HYIP. However due to inexperirnce i just got my $300 lost to a programme who suddenly changed my passport when i was due to pay.
    Pls what is HYIPHELP.COM. Who are they? are they connected to Goldpoll and can they recover any loss money or they are scammers. Has any body here used their services before to recover money.
    They made me believe that within 3days my $300 will be recoverd and paid into my account.

    Pls am new here and i need guidance.
  12. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator are SCAMMERS :(

    Unfortunately Shark and Jeff are no longer on this Forum so they will not see your post.
  13. emmatee

    emmatee New Member

    Thankyou betsybee. you just saved another from loosing more money to scammers.
    However is there anything the forum or Goldpoll can do to help me recover this lost money of mine? Pls advice.

    It is also sad to say when ever you want to vote either for good or bad, the first post starring you in the face is that
    They are always there. Please betsybee,Goldpoll and team kindly intervene and get them out ing from the voting area.

    Please what do i do to get my money back. am sad but however encourage by the fact that some people are still earning from the programme.

    Additionally, can i also solicit for trusted programme you recommend for me to invest?

    Please assist, am new and needed guidance

  14. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

  15. emmatee

    emmatee New Member

    HELP, HELP----shark/gold poll team/admin
    I invested total of $300,$150 each at different time on the same day 18th nov 2016 in a hyip called online dollar asset. My first payment was due when my access was suddenly taken from me. I complain in this forum and was advice to put in a bad vote with my PM account login for verification. I did as advice.
    Goldpoll admin did the verification on my account history and came back with a verdict-no deposit jistory to online dollar asset HYiP found.
    I was so shock, and was very sad. how could i pass a negative vote on a HYIP i did not invest in. All this while the payment history has been there, and now not there, and was not seen was a shock to me.
    I later went to my account statement and found my investment evidence which i have sent to admin and also attached contains all payment paid, time, date, hyip name and batch nos with HYIP account no that payment was made to.
    Pls see evidence in attachment.
    The idea of this forum is to help us identify fake HYIP, kick them out and stop our friends from commiting their hard, earn money to scammers.
    I have sent the same evidence to Goldpoll admin by mail to help me resolve the issue. I have all evidence of payment from my account statement just in case they want to verify again.

    Admin, shark, goldpoll team, what more or else do i need to do??????

    Pls let me no and help me recover my money and all my earnings from Online dollar Asset. They are still carrying paying STATUS.

    I have confidence that this issue will be resolve as Goldpoll and Team was higly recommended to me before i decided to commit my money.

    help me, help me.


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  16. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

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