GoldPoll Cares Campaign! For the first time in HYIP business!!!

Discussion in 'GoldPoll HYIP Rating' started by shark, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. shark

    shark Banned

    Dear GoldPoll Members,

    Realizing a lot of fake votes around and the problem of the "selective payments", we strongly wish to help our members. That’s why we would like to announce our new "GoldPoll Cares" campaign. Simple go to the Details page of any problematic program on GoldPoll, make the Bad Vote and leave us your Login and Password for your account on problematic program.

    Thereafter your problem becomes our problem; we will check your account and this program will get the PROBLEM status immediately if you haven't been paid. We will also contact this problematic program regarding your problem, sometimes it helps...

    We guarantee the secrecy of your account information. It will be used only to analyze your problem. It will never be used for any other purpose or sold to a third party.

    Sincerely Yours,
    GoldPoll Team
  2. shark

    shark Banned

    We have the first results of GoldPoll Cares Campaign!

    Mythos Hyip has started to use "selective payments", you can see that all monitors are showing the paying status for them .

    But we have the account of one our member that shows that everything isn't so good.

    We are very glad to start this revolution in HYIP Monitoring! Join!

  3. shark

    shark Banned

    There are 6 "selective payments" issues have been discovered during the GoldPoll Cares Campaign. We have about 10 verified bad votes now and one of our members has taken his money back with our help.

    We are very satisfied with GoldPoll Cares Campaign. You're also welcome, let's solve this "selective payments" problem and bring out into the open the dishonest programs around!

  4. Scott

    Scott Member

    Marvelous idea shark, seems to be working well.
  5. ollys123

    ollys123 Member

    sent one to goldpoll?

    have sent the name of a definate scam by contact to goldpoll, it dont seem to be on their list, but its been a scam definatly since july and is STILL taking monies/new members which is crap, so i thought its worth a mention. :( the programme is EX-TMclub.
  6. jeFF

    jeFF Super Moderator

    Thank you for notification. EX-TMclub isn't listed at Goldpoll, that is why we can't show status PROBLEM. But we will put your notice at our next weekly newsletter. Moreover you can write your warnings at GoldenTalk or at our Blog in future.
  7. Gintoh

    Gintoh Banned

    I'd like to laud this initiative by Gold Poll. Hope it succeeds!

    Btw, Is Venti3 still included in the listing? Its site is still up but there has not been any updates nor payments since the alleged car crash that supposedly sent the guy holding their e-gold account password to the hospital. Is there still a chance we could at least get our deposits refunded here?
  8. shark

    shark Banned

    Thanks Gintoh,

    Venti3 is situated at our blacklist, they are not paying and aren't answering to the emails. So I regret to suppose that it's impossible to be refunded there.

    Take care!
  9. shark

    shark Banned

    There are more than 50 "selective payments" issues have been discovered during the last 4 weeks and all these programs have been getting the PROBLEM status immediately.

    The last are: Law FirmInvest ltd, Business-Allies, Earn More Funds, Empery Hyip, Ready Investment, Emirates Hyip, Mind 2007.

    Check our ratings before your investment and be careful! We are also recommending to use GoldPoll Toolbar for immediate statuses of almost all the programs around!

  10. shark

    shark Banned

    There are about 60 "selective payments" issues have been discovered during the last month and all these programs have been getting the PROBLEM status immediately.

    The last are: Whibley Investment, Private Dimension, Strategy of Progress, Netgold, Global Invest Site, Simon Investment, Angyhyip, Xenon Hyip, Cheers-profits.

    Please check our ratings all the time and be careful!

  11. af11

    af11 New Member

    Thanks to GoldPoll

    GoldPoll is best of all!
    I had some problems with Profitable Investment ($150 pending payment for over 4 weeks.
    GolpPoll verified this missing payment (checked my e-gold account) and PI got Problem Status.
    Within 24 hours I received my payment from PI.
    Many thanks to GoldPoll, without this help I'd lost this money!
  12. shark

    shark Banned

    There are about 80 "selective payments" issues have been discovered during the GoldPoll Cares Campaign and all these programs have been getting the PROBLEM status immediately. The last are: Sally-investment, Fast-goldin, Zefex, Optimum Investment.

    Most of them are situated with PAYING status on different monitoring sites, so please check our ratings all the time and be careful!

  13. shark

    shark Banned

    We have received the "selective payment" notification from one of our members about Profitable Investment HYIP. Profitable Investment HYIP has got the Verified Bad Vote and PROBLEM status immediately.

    Profitable Investment HYIP have responded to their PROBLEM status quickly. This problem has been solved now, our member has been paid and he is very happy now. We are also very happy that sometimes it works!

  14. hioehokkin

    hioehokkin New Member

    this goldpoll cares has shown its care personally for me. I was in trouble with S-P-Club related to my account there which was deleted by SPC. I tried to ask for help from goldpoll, jeFF goldpoll helped me and day after SPC admin showed to fix my case and return my account back. thank you so much for goldpoll which really supporting us.
  15. hioehokkin

    hioehokkin New Member

    Profitable Investment don't pay me also.

    Hi, I also have invested $100 to Profitable Investment and it has been months, they have not paid me at all. are you really paid? what should I do to be paid also? I have sent them email but never answer.
  16. jeFF

    jeFF Super Moderator

    You should use our "Cares Campaign" again. Please visit their "program details" page and post your vote. We hope that we will help you.
  17. duyduy

    duyduy Member

    THe "Cares Campaign" is a great idea.
    This forum cares about his member. I never see it before in other forum.
    I think Golden Talk is #1 forum around.
  18. jeFF

    jeFF Super Moderator

    Thank you for your warm words. There are more than 120 "selective payments" have been discovered during the GoldPoll Cares Campaign. And we continue to receive the notification about "missed or selective payments" from hyip's members.
  19. jeFF

    jeFF Super Moderator

    VIP Invest Club and Bright Profits HYIPs have been marked as PROBLEMatic today.
    We've found that their admins are using "selective payments" strategy.

    We have notified them about it, of course. Hope that this situation will be solved soon.
    Please be careful!

  20. jeFF

    jeFF Super Moderator

    Some HYIPs members have notified us about missed payouts in various programs. This information has been investigated and we've found that the programs listed below are using "selective payments" tricks:

    - E-gold Stream
    - Shine Investment
    - 10-Seconds
    - Walls Street

    All these HYIPs have been marked as PROBLEM now.


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