GoldenTRACKER 0.4.2 Released - Free HYIP Tracking Template Exclusive to Goldentalkers

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by akuma99, Jun 23, 2005.


Have you found goldenTRACKER useful?

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  1. rsa10

    rsa10 Active Member

    Very nice!! I like the way it is designed although of course you have to custom made it to the program you joined. I hope I can make good use of this soon.
  2. sus

    sus Active Member

    I never thought I ever would understand this about excel. But I DO
    Thanks for a very useful excel script for my hyips.
  3. sleepycat

    sleepycat New Member

    it's usefull

    hey, this simple program is worked out. thank you.
    so far, i've just make a simple note on my agenda for every program i joined, but, by this program, it makes all simple, i don't need to remind it by my self.

    thank you..
  4. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    It is free to upload and use for everybody and so it is to control all our deposits and what hyips we should never join.
  5. vdtong

    vdtong New Member

    Thanks. I will give it a try. I will vote for it after the trial run.
  6. thuhium

    thuhium New Member

    Well, it looks very much interesting fro sure and maybe many of the forum members here will be very much interested also to give it a try for sure
  7. wahyuronaldo

    wahyuronaldo Member

    I will try this program although I am still a little confused in the run.
  8. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    A great appreciation for Golden Talk and Gold Poll who create this program. But, as we know, HYIP is moving fast to be scam.. I think it will give more work to update the HYIP using a specific program.
  9. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

    I have clearly understand this feature now. It's very helping, and i must try it out to see how it works. Though hyip speed of turning to scam nowadays needs some tracks with experinces.
  10. investor999

    investor999 Active Member

    I will try to use this because tracking all your investment sites at one place is good and after used will post here my experience.
  11. Bismark

    Bismark Member

    a very usefull tip i would give it a try and post recommendations
  12. i already try it very good for me..
    i say yes
  13. regenano

    regenano Banned

    You shud try to make it so it comes up with refback as part of profit becuz currently pretty pointless to use... thankx for working so hard to make it work tho. Sooner or later it will become a must-have, just not now/
  14. proximityinfotech3

    proximityinfotech3 New Member

    My main issue was you cannot change the compounding rate mid way through a program from what I can see, as well some of the issue you list as well. It seems to be good for straight simple schemes, but who here puts money in, compounds at 100%, then withdraws 6 months later ... not many. If I have missed that functionality then let me know.

    That is why I though why not keep it simple, throw what I need into a spreadsheet and get suggestions from Goldentalkers on what they need. You have started that process so thanks tudi
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  15. investor999

    investor999 Active Member


    I am following the discussion and tried to take a sneak peak too but still not able to use it and what it will do exactly for it for small investors who are with one or two hyip sites or only for big investors with lots of hyips.I have lost the copy downloaded how to get it again to try again.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2010
  16. yazid

    yazid New Member

    Thanks Akuma ‎:: Nice post...
  17. alensot

    alensot Active Member

    I think i also have the same feeling as i have here. I have also invested small amounts in some HYIP's where i did gain in some and also lost in others. So, it really depends on how we could judge a HYIP staying long to make us in profit
  18. et28lv

    et28lv Member

    Hello there,
    I haven't used It yet, because I was enjoying my holidays days and I can't use Internet so much like always. I would try to test this program and then later vote for It. I hope to find It like useful for me. Thank you for sharing It! ;)
  19. alensot

    alensot Active Member

    Compounding is a great way to earn for sure, but as you said compounding at 100% and withdrawing after 6 months is little bit harder as being in HYIP sites and waiting for 6 months or more is really dangerous isn't it? even if i invest in HYIP sites i see that i get profits earlier than waiting for longer period
  20. talktotop

    talktotop Member

    Thanks guy, will give it a shot
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