GoldenTRACKER 0.4.2 Released - Free HYIP Tracking Template Exclusive to Goldentalkers

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by akuma99, Jun 23, 2005.


Have you found goldenTRACKER useful?

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  1. Hannellene

    Hannellene Member

    Thanks. I will give it a try. I will vote for it after the trial run.
  2. Zubairismail

    Zubairismail Banned

    A very nice thing and very usefull for every one talking in this forum i think.Please make more like this.You rocks
  3. turtle

    turtle New Member

    Mr. Akuma, i really dont quite get you...i.e, about this application and it's functons,
    please could you make me understand

  4. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    It is a spreadsheet for keeping track of your HYIPs.
    If you don't understand spreadsheets, find someone to teach you. It is much easier to learn hands-on.
  5. Ayen Mahinay

    Ayen Mahinay New Member

    GoldenTRACKER is most helpful and most valuable because its help to make nest strategies.
  6. Zubairismail

    Zubairismail Banned

    thanks dude.this is a realy very good thing.i was very worried about the hyips.are they legite?
    This software is realy very helpful in these sites
  7. Ayen Mahinay

    Ayen Mahinay New Member

    Such very good to the calculating your referral income etc
    very good to daily and monthly and yearly analyzing
  8. fralfakt

    fralfakt New Member

    Nice software now i can easily know what hyip is legit and paying. Thank you for this awsome program.
  9. sai001

    sai001 Member

    Thanks to akuma.. I get new information about HYIP, actually i am don't know anything about this before.
  10. sam051

    sam051 New Member

    Thanks sir, I will tried today to do this after that we are consider and share to our friends to do this.

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  11. dancevedio

    dancevedio New Member

    hanks Akuma Sir!.............for a newbie like me i think i should give this a go even though i always love to run away from this instance it could save my bacon............well spare rib!
  12. takano

    takano New Member

    Can anybody tell me how to use? Onw Thanks a lot.
  13. Sohayeb

    Sohayeb New Member

    Thanks a lot Akuma. I am well and woe. You are very nice. I want to do some work.
  14. anhne1

    anhne1 New Member

    a very usefull tip i would give it a try and post recommendations
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