GoldenTRACKER 0.4.2 Released - Free HYIP Tracking Template Exclusive to Goldentalkers

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by akuma99, Jun 23, 2005.


Have you found goldenTRACKER useful?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. chuna1985

    chuna1985 Member

    Thanks man. Be assured we appreciate this. We will all try out later. Thanks a million.
  2. esuuk

    esuuk New Member

    Thanks for the good job, I will give it a try and vote as soon as possible.
  3. LordMike

    LordMike New Member

    This is one awesome program, I've never seen anything like this.

    My personal excel file is nothing compared to this.

    Awesome! Great addition to the HYIP scene.
  4. t0xicbull3t

    t0xicbull3t New Member

    Thanks Akuma99 , really great program its very useful voted to yes.
  5. charles87

    charles87 New Member

    I will download it and see how it work. I will vote for it after running a trial on it. Thanks man.
  6. inzeyn000

    inzeyn000 Member

    Great.. Oughtta download it later. I dunno how to use it but i will just explore it after downloading. Thanks for this.. I know this would be helpful though i havent seen it yet.
  7. Oyedey4christ

    Oyedey4christ Member

    Ok this is a nice job. Thank you man. I'll download it and try it. More grease to your elbow
  8. joni10

    joni10 Member

    I really dont know the more usefull of the new version
    may be you can tell the better from before...
  9. waheednsr

    waheednsr Member

    Well Thnx Akuma for this great effort. keep it up
  10. monyitomon

    monyitomon Active Member

    I don't know anything about it i will try it and use it is it FREE or just TRIAL?
  11. vinoleestickveenola

    vinoleestickveenola New Member


    though i have not used this but how efficient will it be?
  12. gtfx

    gtfx Member

    Thanks bro akuma99! Though I'm not handling it well, but still, it helps. Thanks.

  13. NuevitaS

    NuevitaS Member

    Thanks mate, it is an amazing program. Gonna keep using it for a long time!
  14. irmaharuna

    irmaharuna Member

    i have vote that :D
  15. jannypan

    jannypan New Member

    Me too. Thanks akuma99...
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  16. ladyoi1

    ladyoi1 New Member

    golden traker

    wow its very usefull thing u have post its get more using understand so fast and can get idea how to use it will i am glad i read this :)
  17. ushero

    ushero Banned

    thank you I will test software to see his work, the subject is poorly done, I do not see the images
  18. hribovc

    hribovc New Member

    thenk for info!
  19. Legendkid

    Legendkid Banned

    Great,all members,i mean old members of this great forum knows that this application is hot,my advise to all newbies trying this software out is that they should hmmm
  20. ZarosSting

    ZarosSting Member

    Thanks a lot for your share, it's so useful for new person as me
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