GoldenTRACKER 0.4.2 Released - Free HYIP Tracking Template Exclusive to Goldentalkers

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by akuma99, Jun 23, 2005.


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  1. akuma99

    akuma99 Member

    GoldenTRACKER 0.4.2

    Hi to all fellow Goldentalkers!

    Through my trawling through the many informative (and some not so informative) posts as a part
    of my mod role here at Goldentalk, I have noticed the posts asking for a spreadsheet about this,
    or how do you work out that, or what if I did this instead of that, and thought, bugger it, lets throw
    something together that might help out with some of those questions.

    So, in anticipation of an online HYIP diary system I hope to have up and running in the near
    future, I offer you:

    To put it simply, it is an excel spreadsheet designed to keep track of the many permutations
    of programs out there in the HYIP world. While in its early stages, I use it to keep track of all my
    programs and it is working great guns.

    I offer this to all Goldentalkers free of charge of course, in the hope that improvements, updates
    and suggestions will be posted here in this thread for other Goldentalkers to share.

    In short, the blue squares are areas you can enter amounts into, all others calculate automatically.
    No cells have been locked, so you can change (or break) it as you please, but please, if you make
    improvements post a new version here.

    Click on the headings for explanations on what each column is for if your unclear on its use.

    I hope it is of some help to you all.

    - Minor empty cell problems fixed
    - Bonus indicator added
    - Now includes space for 10 programs

    Current version
    GoldenTRACKER 0.4.2 |

    Previous versions
    Sorry older version are now no longer available.
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  2. peterg

    peterg Senior Investor

    Thanks, Adam

    Thanks a bunch mate, owe you a cold one or three for that.....
    I'll have a good play with it tomorrow. It's starting to get a bit late here, and I'm in the same age decade as the Grand Master himself.... so us old codgers need to go horizontal a bit earlier than you youngsters !

    I'll soon be flat out like a lizard drinkin'... :D
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  3. ken123

    ken123 Member

    Thanks. I will give it a try. I will vote for it after the trial run.
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  4. NDA corp

    NDA corp Member

    Thx Adam..

    Me too. Thanks akuma99...

    Vote after 'test drive'...hope to be a smooth one !
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  5. Aloysis

    Aloysis New Member

    Cool Spreadsheet

    Good Day akuma99,

    Very good contribution indeed.. now i can track my investment..hehe have been trying to come out something like what u have done but just can't find the time..have to work overtime.. thks dude!

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  6. Truly

    Truly Banned

    Thx Akuma.

    Now I think Hyip accounting is ok in use.
    (Please search at talkgold, I made lots of suggestions to the admin)

    If the following issues be counted, then members here can all go and use it, I think.

    1. Interests rate to be "0"
    The present verion shoud be positive.

    Why to be "0"?
    In not a few cases we have to sponsor or benefactor other members into certain programs, and all such real spends yield 0% interests.

    2. Divide the "New Investment" to "Personal Spend" and "Bonus Spend"
    The Personal Spend is just like the former "New Investments", should be added into "Invested Amount".

    The Bonus Spend is from Admin BOnus (like fast market) and Referral Bonus (like other programs), which is added to investment automatically (produce the same interests).
    But Bonus Spend is not from members pocket money and should NOT added into Invested Amount!

    3. Calendar Function
    Alerting members when to withdraw or spend, and other issues.

    I am now using Hyip Accounting!
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  7. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    very useful

    Thanks Akuma Sir!.............for a newbie like me i think i should give this a go even though i always love to run away from this instance it could save my bacon............well spare rib!
    ai and qi
    La Greca :alien:
  8. akuma99

    akuma99 Member

    Hey, yes I looked at HYIP Accounting 1.7 last week in the hope it would do what I need, but to be honest I was quite dissapointed in its lack of flexibility. My main issue was you cannot change the compounding rate mid way through a program from what I can see, as well some of the issue you list as well. It seems to be good for straight simple schemes, but who here puts money in, compounds at 100%, then withdraws 6 months later ... not many. If I have missed that functionality then let me know.

    That is why I though why not keep it simple, throw what I need into a spreadsheet and get suggestions from Goldentalkers on what they need. You have started that process so thanks :)

    Aloysis, not a problem, I was in the same boat, so when I had a spare minute I grabbed the opportunity to throw something together ... suggestions are welcome and I will modify as need be.
  9. Truly

    Truly Banned

    I understand your concerns.

    Actually we are always in many programs (I am in about 20), so we really need a goold helper.

    As for the variable rates in Hyip Accounting, I update the New Payments twice or once a week manually (like the case of PO-Trading). And you know, any software maybe not so easy to deal with this issue.

    I was always thinking if we can help to improve a system, that will benifit us all.
  10. akuma99

    akuma99 Member

    Welcome .... and it is people such as yourself that I made this for .. so please give me feedback on what would make it easier for you to use :)
  11. akuma99

    akuma99 Member

    Actually I a more talking about varying rates of compounding, so one day you might compound at 100%, another at 25% etc. HYIP Accounting doesnt seem to allow for that either which was dissapointing.

    goldenTRACKER by the way has that area you talk about tudi of allowing for referral bonuses to be added to the principal without it being added to the investment amount.
  12. MansHosting

    MansHosting Member

    Thanks akuma99 ,, will give a comment and vote after a trial ...
  13. akuma99

    akuma99 Member

    Thanks to those that have offered feedback so far, I can already see areas of improvement, please keep it coming so I can release something bigger and better to you all soon.
  14. Truly

    Truly Banned

    Tried 2 programs still without exact clue.

    Can you write down sth like 1st input sth, and 2nd input other things?

    Or just put an example in it for the next version?
  15. DOC

    DOC Member

    thanks man will try it and see..
  16. MysteriousHeart

    MysteriousHeart Moderator

    i see this is really good program! It helps our work! Thanks! Hope you'll release a better one soon!~
  17. akuma99

    akuma99 Member

    Well not too far away from v.0.3 after some good suggestions and some tweaks. Probably release 0.3 this weekend so if you have any suggestions or ideas please send them through before then :)
  18. mikaelcouzic

    mikaelcouzic New Member

    Please continue the good work !!! :rock:
  19. akuma99

    akuma99 Member

    Ok as I near the release of the next version here is what is included so far:

    - Area to flag when the principal is available to be drawn on
    - New dynamic graphs
    - Improved layout
    - Inclusion of drop down lists to mark if you are payed for the day
    - Inclusion of drop down lists to mark if referral profits were rolled over in to the principal
    - FAQ sheet to help new users
    - An example sheet to help new users
    - Indication of locked vs available return

    And anything else that is suggested before this weekend. I hope it is of use to some. As my long awaited holiday approaches, I am looking into how to turn this into an online web tool that will be more streamlined and accessible wherever you are.

    Keep the suggestions coming :)
  20. akuma99

    akuma99 Member

    Hi all,

    Well some work has been done on goldenTRACKER 0.3, and while not perfect it is coming along. I have yet to figure out how to link the graphs to right data when copying sheets over, but in the meantime I have released the next version, with 5 ready made templates there for you to fill (with the right linking of the graphs).

    I have also added an example sheet so you can get an idea on what goes where as requested, look for the tab named "example" at the bottom of the spreadsheet. As I cannot get it to work so that you can copy sheets without renaming the source data for the graphs, I have had to add 5 empty copies in the spreadsheet rather than relying on you to make your own copies. This has pushed the file size up so you can now download both the current version, and the previous version by clicking on the links below:

    Current version
    GoldenTRACKER 0.4.1

    Previous versions
    GoldenTRACKER 0.4
    GoldenTRACKER 0.3.2
    GoldenTRACKER 0.3.1

    Hope we are getting closer!
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