GoldenTalk: Forum Rules, FAQs, and Moneymaking Tips

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    Where can I find the forum rules?

    Where can I find the basic FAQ’s?
    You can find the link near the top of every page or go to

    GoldenTalk is not a Paid 2 Post Forum

    How do I make a signature?

    Go to Making A Signature.

    I’ve made a signature but it does not show in my posts. Why not?
    Check to see if you have selected the option to show signatures in User CP>Edit Options.
    For your signature to show you must have made either 15 posts or been a member for 30 days.

    Can I use a banner or a picture in my signature?

    Why has my post disappeared?

    There are many reasons but the most common one is that it was posted in the wrong folder and has been moved to the right one.
    A post with inappropriate content or off topic will be deleted, as will posts that breach the forum rules.

    What should I do if I see a ‘bad’ post?
    Report it. Do not reply to the post in the forum. If the post gets deleted so will any replies to it.

    How do I report a post?
    Click on the little red triangle on the left of the post and state your reasons why you think that the post is a ‘bad’ post. The mods will take care of it.

    What should I do if I get a Spam PM?
    Don’t start a flame war by replying to it.
    Forward it to one of the mods. They will take care of it.
    Please DON’T forward it to all the mods.

    GoldPoll at doesn’t work for me.
    Try or

    What can I do if a programme scams me?
    If the programme is being monitored by GoldPoll find it in the list and click on either the bad or very bad radio button. When you do, some extra text will appear. Fill in your name and email address and make a short comment. Also fill in your login ID for the programme, your password for it and click on the “Rate” button. JeFF needs your programme logging in details so that he can verify your claim after which he will contact you by email.
    You can rest assured that JeFF will not abuse your logging in details or divulge them to anyone. In any case you can always change your password later.
    If the programme is not being monitored by GoldPoll you can still report it, but no action by GoldPoll will be taken, other than informing other people about it in GoldPoll's blog or weekly newsletter.

    How can I get referrals for the programmes that I am with?
    You can put your referral URL’s in your signature.
    DO NOT put a referral URL in your posts, unless the post is in the Advertising section.

    Can I send a PM to other members inviting them to join a programme as my downline?
    No! This is classed as Spam.

    Can I invite members to join a programme as my downline in my posts and refer them to my signature as a means of doing so?
    No! This is classed as touting for referrals unless it is in a post in the Advertising section.

    Can I invite members to join a programme as someone else’s downline in my posts and refer them to their signature as a means of doing so?
    No! Not even in Advertising.

    Why can’t I find the programme that I am looking for?
    The most obvious reason is that there isn’t a thread for it.
    But if you KNOW that there is a thread then the quickest way is to do a search for the programme name. Unfortunately that may not always work because the thread that you are looking for may not be titled with the programme name that you searched for. The search engine is good but it cannot search for something that is not there.
    For example searching for say Major Barter may not bring a result because the threads are named majorbarter or So search for *major* instead. This will find all threads with the word major in the title even if it is part of a word.

    Can I be notified by email when someone makes a post in a thread that I have also posted in?
    Yes! But make sure that this facility is turned ON in your user CP. And make sure that your mailbox doesn’t list such emails as spam and dumps them in the junk mail folder.

    Will I get paid for referring others to GoldenTalk?
    No! But you will have the satisfaction of referring someone to the best forum on the ‘net, and you never know that someone could become your downline at sometime.

    What is my referral link? where xxxx is your forum ID number

    How can I find my forum ID number?
    Hover your mouse cursor over your user name and look at the bottom of your browser. You will see where 142 will be your forum ID number.

    Is there any post quantity limit per day?
    No! But consecutive posts made in the same thread within half an hour of each other, the latest one will be deleted.

    Why can I not Edit my post later the same day?
    The Edit button is disabled 30 minutes after posting.

    Is there a limit to the number of smilies that can be included in a post?
    Yes! Eight (8).

    Mischievously manufacturing inflammatory opinions in an attempt to stir up disharmony and discord. Posting up a stream of off-topic drivel or being clumsily provocative.

    What is compounding?

    Compounding is where the day’s interest is added to the principle to become the principle for the next day.
    For example if the interest is 2% and the starting principle is $100:
    Day 1 - $100 will earn $2 interest. $100 + $2 = $102 becomes the principle for day 2.
    Day 2 - $102 will earn $2.04 interest. $102 + $2.04 = $104.04 becomes the principle for day 3.
    Day 3 - $104.04 will earn $2.08 interest. $104.04 + $2.08 = $106.12 becomes the principle for day 4.
    And so on.

    What are business days?
    Generally Mondays to Fridays unless one of them happens to be a bank or national holiday.
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