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  1. GoldInvestments

    GoldInvestments New Member

    Hello friends, my name is Amaury. I'm here to invites you to our investment plan. We work in the goldmine (AFOM Company), in Taco Tolima, Colombia, my partner, Andres Felipe Ortiz Macias, is the manager, we are working together to offer you our investment plan. We have several buyers in Bogota, Cali, Armenia, Medellin... we work with for 5 years, and there is no risk of loss because ourselves personally handle the purchases and sales, earnings are totally safe, guaranteed.

    Our prices:
    Gram value of purchase: 50,000 colombian pesos = $26.3 USD
    Gram value of sales: 55,000 colombian pesos = $28.9 USD

    Our plan:
    We will offer you an investment plan based on 30 dollars per gram, preventing the rise and fall of the colombian peso with the dollar, then, we will pay you $8.40 USD for each lot of $30 USD after 14 days (2 weeks). Total: $38.40 after 14 days = 128% after 14days, and we only work with lots of $30. Minimum investment is 4 lots (4 grams) = $120, if you will invest more, we will accept only lots of 30, for example: $120, $150, $180, $210, $240.... etc.. if you invest $225, I will return you $15 immediately, and will work with 210 (7 grams)

    Investment through:
    We are not regulated hyip, we have not website for now, we invites you to invest with us as private partners. If in the future, many investors joining us, we will make a website, but, for now we will be private partners. If you want join us, write us to:, tell us your name, your LR or AP account, and how much you want invest, and we will send you our Liberty Reserve account and alert pay account, then, you will invest, and we will confirm your deposit by email. After 14 days we will inform you that your deposit is expired and will pay you immediately, manually. If you would like more information from us, we can send you our business license as AFOM Company manager, by email, and the personal ID.

    Thanks for read us. Best Regards...

  2. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    I think it is nicer if you have the own website. Pictures of the data you have.
    Because we need feedback from the other investors first..
  3. harrusadi

    harrusadi Member

    The interest rates that you offer is very high and we can gain easy money from that, but as luke say that we need a website and for me, you must go online first before you can offer this to us.
  4. zzainne66

    zzainne66 New Member

    Good to know these things ..........keep sharing...

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  5. mbra17

    mbra17 Member

    :jitters: :jitters: :jitters: :jitters: :jitters:
  6. badman86

    badman86 Member

    hmmm, gold investment??. guaranteed no loss, nice info, i follow you.
  7. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

    Admin need to come around and clear some doubts. I don't believe this is a good idea to invest here without any site, or evidences of their business. And tell exactly how they are making money through Gold invest.
  8. HYIPLeader

    HYIPLeader New Member

    LOL OMG sounds so badly. Come on guys...
  9. myraf

    myraf Member

    But if you are advertising something on net without a website for it , i think you are just wasting your time. It means the thing is not yet international, so why not advertise it in your local station like TV stations and radio stations.
  10. jason_simpson

    jason_simpson Banned

    Following are some easy and simple ways to invest in Gold:

    One of the easiest ways to invest in gold is through an exchange-traded fund, exchange-traded-fund-etf or ETF for short. You can think of an ETF as a mutual fund that you can trade like a stock.

    Another relatively easy, but indirect way to invest in gold is through a mutual fund or ETF that owns precious metal-related companies. There are many mutual funds that invest in companies around the world that mine gold and other precious metals. An ETF that invests in gold-related companies is Market Vectors Gold Miners (which trades on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol GDX).

    Some people like to own gold directly and invest in gold coins. If you do buy coins, it's really important that you do your homework first and buy them from a reputable dealer. You'll also want to store them safely by keeping them in a safe deposit box.
  11. regenano

    regenano Banned

    It is better to have a website for it that way people can keep tract of their balances and make sure all of their actions make sense. It also makes you seem more professional even if you are not lol
  12. maha22

    maha22 Banned

    Gold is not a particulary good investment, but it is great compared to lots of other things.

    Gold is very good at holding value during times of inflation. When the Euro (or the Dollar) declines in value because some government is printing them by the trillions, gold shines brightly.

    As an example, in 1933 the US Dollar was pegged to gold at $20/ounce. The last ties between the dollar and gold were broken in 1971. Today gold sells for $1220/ounce. And it's not just the USA. No government can seem to resist the temptation to print a few more.
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  13. yogeshwartyagi

    yogeshwartyagi Active Member

    Every body can easy get money from local residents at 2-3% a month, the reason promising of this high returns and trying attract deposits online is that it would be upto them to payback or not as we dont get any identity except email address that too made on free gmail.
  14. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

    This kind of online investment is seen to be more risky than hyip. As when person just put money to a particular pocket that he does not know, and they don't have any transaction details or system of job. Gold invest needs a lot of idea and clarification by Admin, before one can invest.
  15. xxt4nkxx

    xxt4nkxx Banned

    We don't know who the money is going to, and if we're really going to get paid. Sure the original post sounds legit, but for the safety of the other members, it's best if you had a website/forums, with feedback and testimonials. Also, investing in Stacks of $30 is quite risky, that is why a website is a MUST so we can track our progress, and see the rise/fall of our investment.
  16. meitanteisolo

    meitanteisolo Member

    gold investment, whether the trust can be held with no web?
    Maybe it would be nice to make a site first, so I could interact more easily. Thank's
  17. xxt4nkxx

    xxt4nkxx Banned

    Just to test them out, I sent an email to stating that I wanted to invest $30 for one lot. I left my name, as well as LR. It's been over 48 hours, and I still haven't received an email back, with their LR, so I don't think their very professional.
  18. niciro

    niciro Active Member

    how the investor protection? is guaranteed?????
  19. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    Your investment plans seem to match HYIP standards!. 128% after 2 weeks, that`s 28% pure profit after 14 days = 2% per day pure profit!. I would suggest you open up a website and launch it off like any other HYIP. This would give you an edge over other private investment companies!.
  20. viladimir

    viladimir New Member

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