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Discussion in 'Private Programs' started by italia75, May 14, 2010.

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  1. italia75

    italia75 Member

    I'm not the admin.


    They accept Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay

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  2. niciro

    niciro Active Member

    why i must PM you?
    what i cannot get it automaticaly?
  3. italia75

    italia75 Member

    I remove those words in the first post.
    I wrote that because the first time I access to the site (with no referral),
    it asked me an invitation code.
    So I contact the support by chat (very efficient) and he gives me a referral for sign in.
    So for this program you cannot sign in if you have not it (even if you can get it by the support).
  4. niciro

    niciro Active Member

    to join here so we must have a referrer?
    sounds good, because there will be no bonus is wasted.
    oh yes, if you are already a withdrawal?
    fast or not?????
  5. italia75

    italia75 Member

    I signed in just today.
    Earnings just in trading days.
    So first payment day will be Thursday (if I will invest within Monday).

    Other good mark is the expiration year of the site (2019).
  6. niciro

    niciro Active Member

    WOW, that is good news
    seem to make it more interesting
    but what scares me is that very large capital.
    if the money was missing, I would be crazy to make.......
  7. star6567

    star6567 Member

    I am a bit confused. So I need a referal to sign up for this site?
    Thats not normal for a HYIP. Is it?
    I don't think I will invest here as I am a bit skeptical and have seen no payment proof.
  8. italia75

    italia75 Member

    No payment proofs simply because the site is online since today...
    About referral, the program is "a club", that's to say it's possible to sign in only if "invited".
    And what I have seen is that inviting means you have to know a referral link.
  9. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    Moved to Private Programs. It seems this one is not your "normal, everyday" HYIP.
  10. italia75

    italia75 Member

    Another very interesting thing I see today, is that the security code (sent when you access from a different IP and/or browse) is sent really to your cellular phone (and not by email).
    This is the first time I see a similar thing for an hyip program...
  11. yogeshwartyagi

    yogeshwartyagi Active Member

    50$ hmmmm so big for me, that too when so many good hyips are falling down day by day. So will'nt take such big risk for some time.
  12. mbra17

    mbra17 Member

    That is clasic hyip program...on Goldpoll life time 9 days monit. time 3 days ...status Waiting....that is no private program ....
  13. asd214

    asd214 Member

    yes, you are right. i saw an ad somewhere that says when you join, you get 1000 dollars free.
  14. marie2success

    marie2success Super Moderator

    This thread has been closed.

    If you like to discuss this program furthermore please use this new thread on the Scam Warning section.

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