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Discussion in 'Forum Rules, Information and Admin Stuff' started by Juste4Justice, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. finc

    finc New Member

    I am new and read 4rum rules!
  2. Orosun

    Orosun Member

    i am new here,the terms and rules are okay by me..
  3. piggybank

    piggybank New Member

    I have read the rules and understood them so well.
  4. nadine08

    nadine08 New Member

    read the rules
  5. eugenealberts

    eugenealberts New Member

    I agree

    I read it and I agree :)
  6. solomonlaye

    solomonlaye Member

    i like the rules ant terms,it is a good one,it is better than
  7. livingmiracle

    livingmiracle New Member

    I have read it

    i have read the updated status
  8. Brunomany

    Brunomany New Member

    I have read the updated rules and I quite agree with it
  9. Tirova

    Tirova New Member

    Aye Aye Admins, read & agreed :)
  10. mike_m

    mike_m New Member

    I read the rules and agreed
  11. dig under

    dig under New Member

    i have read the rules and i have to agree with them.
  12. horatiobaby

    horatiobaby New Member


    Hi I have read the rules and do apologise profusively for not doing this step first before posting. Take Care.
  13. bakho

    bakho Member

    I havent read the rules completely but i will and follow them carefully.but i need to ask a question here.If we make post with a week logic and sense will those post be counted.and can admin or someone here senior can explain me that how post i can do in one thread.kindly also correct me if post this post in wrong thread because i am new here i dont know much about goldentalk.
  14. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    The best thing to do is read the rules and FAQ's



    then study the Forum and it's layout, familiarize yourself with all the different sections and read the introductions for each section and the "stickies" for the sections. Follow the rules and you will not make many mistakes.
    Post with weak logic and sense will usually be deleted and will not count. Posts that are off topic will also be deleted, pay attention to the first post in a thread. Posts made in the wrong section will either be deleted or on occasion moved to the proper section. There is no limit to the number of posts you can make in a thread as long as they include some new or interesting facts about the original topic. Repeating what has already been said is not a good post and will be deleted for "post chasing".
    Read and study the forum, it will make you a good poster.
  15. Appaneign

    Appaneign New Member

    Read them, and fully agreed!
  16. golinari

    golinari New Member

    Hi I have read the rules and i agree
  17. oneway12

    oneway12 New Member


    I have read the rules. Not sure if I have post it in the right place.
  18. berky

    berky New Member

    I have read the rules and agree with them.
  19. getpaid0nline

    getpaid0nline New Member

    I have read the rules and I'd agree.
  20. hhyeriem

    hhyeriem New Member

    i am a new member. and i have read the rules and agree with that.

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