Forexmacro - are you investing in Forexmacro?

Discussion in 'Private Programs' started by easyhyip, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. easyhyip

    easyhyip Member

    Are you investing in Forexmacro?
    No posts about Forexmacro in GoldenTalk
  2. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    This is the link:

    The plan:
    Superior Plan

    Investment: As from US$ 3000 to US$ 100000
    Profitability: 21% monthly interest
    Time of investment: 3 months

    Fix Plan

    Investment: As from US$ 50 to US$ 200000
    Profitability: 14% monthly interest
    Time of investment: 6 months

    Variable Plan

    Investment: As from US$ 50 to US$ 200000
    Profitability: Between 8% and 30% monthly interest
    Time of investment: 6 months

    I think this site is quite old..
  3. Hi, I've been with forexmacro for over 1 year. The used to have a fixed plan of 18% monthly or 0.6% daily. They changed back in June to several plans including the variable. I chose the variable and it's doing very well. Last month was 22%. I have over $8,000 and other relatives have also similars amounts. Forexmacro is very popular here in South Florida. They have what's called "transfer between users" which make it easy and affordable to fund and withdraw money. One thing to mention is that you can only withdraw daily from the fixed plan but not from the variable plan.

    I love forexmacro and it's my favorite HYIP. :beer:
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  4. easyhyip

    easyhyip Member


    but Forexmacro is not an hyip


    it's a very serious company

  5. Forexmacro has been working fine for about 2 years. Now, this doesn't mean is not just another HYIP. I did a research about a year ago and some people have asked what forex brokers they use to do their business and nobody answer. So, it has been a year since then and I still taking profits but I don't know if it will be there forever. I strongly recommend it to anyone one to invest large amount but there's no guarantee that it will last forever.
  6. jcptc304

    jcptc304 Active Member

    @ southfloridagroup: It seems very stable and I'm very much interested to invest in forexmacro but they only accepts bank transfer, MoneyGram and Western Union. And we don't know or have no idea on how to invest using those 3 investment methods. Can share it with us how to invest on those 3 methods? Thanks a lot! :beer:
  7. coolcat123

    coolcat123 Member

    I haven't been using Forexmarco as my forex broker but to be truth, I haven't heard about it before.Is it a legit forex broker? and does it offer deposit bonuses as like other major forex brokers do?
  8. Hello Coolcat, Forexmacro is not a forex broker but rather a forex managed account.
  9. Serg

    Serg New Member

    Greetings, I in forexmacro already more than a year, I can help with investment. :beer:
  10. easyhyip

    easyhyip Member

    thank you for sharing your experience Serg

    you are welcome

  11. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    Great investment down there.. But, we still don't know how long it can last.
    Forex Macro is offering reasonable plans for investment..
  12. fadvee

    fadvee New Member

    What the requirement to qualify someone as an investor?.
  13. easyhyip

    easyhyip Member

    If you mean in this forum, then i can say you need more then 150 posts

  14. Redvirus

    Redvirus Member

    how much amount is require to start invest in this program???
  15. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    If you continue posting questions that can be answered by reading the thread, you will get yourself banned for post chasing!

    Did I make myself clear?
  16. Hardlo

    Hardlo Member

    Thanks for sharing your experience with this program with us for it's exactly what we need to guide us from taking the wrong steps that we'll end up regretting later on.
  17. Serg

    Serg New Member

    If there will be difficulties with registration how quickly to fill up the account or other questions, ask, I will try to answer all.
  18. Hey jcptc304, sorry that I'm replying so late. They accept also Liberty Reserve to invest not to withdraw. At least for the United States. You could find out if they accept it from your country. They might because they do it from Colombia and other European countries. What they have now is an international debit card.

    The thing with Forex Macro is that is easy for people like here in South Florida because there're so many investors and so many always investing that what we do is interchange money between users. We do it manually. It's actually very cool because you got the cash instally or deposit instally.

    See, others people have opted by the Debit card but there are fees involved in that and I'm not ready for that yet.

    Forex Macro in South Florida is a fever. I have over $11,000 right now. I invested $3000 last month on a plan that pay 21% monthly. and the term is 3 months. But I can say between just family we have close to 60K.

    Their 3 methods work like this.
    1: 14% Fixed monthly (Min 50) Daily payouts
    2: 8-30% variable (Min 50) But average is 18 -20% monthly (This plan pay the 28 of each month only)
    3: 21% Plan (called superior) (Min 3000) Daily payouts
  19. moneyhyips

    moneyhyips Active Member

    Wow. Is there a reason why Forex Macro is so populair in South Florida?
  20. Main Reason:
    It's actually very cool because you got the cash instally or deposit instally :D

    I hope something like happen with Genius Funds one day. We're spreading the word and have got a few people already into GF.
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