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    I'm not Admin ...

    FinTime Investment Group is an alliance of independent stock market traders with over 10 years experience in the field. Today our skills are available for you to make your investment efficient.

    We guarantee fixed percent daily income regardless of trading day results. This profit is guaranteed to all our partners and customers. Please feel free to browse our investment plans, FAQ section and other useful materials.

    Guaranteed daily profit up to 2.2%
    Easy-to-use deposit Wizard
    Minimal investment amount is 100 USD
    Up to 300 USD deposit bonus

    We are glad to announce that all the Medium Invest and Top Manager investors now have a chance to win an amazing Audi A5 car! By making an investing you automatically are included into the Audi A5 lucky draw! As simple as that you have a great chance win a great car with FinTime Investment Group!

    In the end of this year we will perform a lucky draw between our investors and present the lucky winner with this wonderful gift!

    Getting a car is easy — just invest into Medium Invest or Top Manager and you will automatically be included into the lucky draw list. The results to be announced on the 31st of December 2012! Good luck to the lucky driver!

    Start Invest $100 - $499.99
    Short term 30 trading days 0.9%
    Middle term 75 trading days 1.1%
    Long term 150 trading days 1.3% + bonus $15

    Medium Invest $500 - $1 499.99
    Short term 30 trading days 1.2%
    Middle term 75 trading days 1.5% + bonus $15
    Long term 150 trading days 1.7% + bonus $50

    Top Manager $1 500 - $15 000
    Short term 30 trading days 1.6%
    Middle term 75 trading days 1.9% + bonus $150
    Long term 150 trading days 2.2% + bonus $300

    Having registered an account in the FinTime Investment Group system you can participate in our referral program. The referral link is sent with the registration e-mail. It is not necessary to have a deposit in our system in order to participate.

    The referral commission is instantly paid into your Operating Account. You can withdraw, reinvest, or keep the referral commission on your Operating Account in the FinTime Investment Group system. The commission can be withdrawn into your account in the preferred payment system.

    From referrals:

    $10 on level 1
    $5 on level 2
    $3 on level 3
    $1 on level 4

    Join here and claim your brand new "AUDI A5 CAR"
    Click here now !
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    And somebody participates in this program and gets profit? Why there are no responses?

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