Exchange payza to pefectmoney, neteller, skrill, paypal instantly

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  1. andrewhall

    andrewhall New Member is an e-currency exchange site. We exchange/convert, buy and sell the most popular payment processors being

    used widely in this time in the Forex, HYIP and autosurfing industry. The payment processors are Payza , PerfectMoney (PM),

    Skrill, Pay Pal (PP), Web Money (WM), Neteller, Solid Trust Pay (STP), OK Pay(OP) and . Our main target is to exchange

    your money from any of these available payment processors to another payment processor of your choice for a small fee. We

    also buy and sell of those e-currencies.

    Generally our process is instant and automatic.
    The maximum processing time is 24 hours.
    Sometimes we take longer time in case of suspicious transaction to avoid fraudulent.

    We charge a very low and easy fees for every transaction.

    For more details go to our site
  2. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    I wonder if you'd have any proof of this claim from your website:

    In the meantime, members BEWARE OF THIS SCAM.
  3. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    These guys are SPAMMERS as well as SCAMMERS :(
  4. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Let me see, you've just registered here today and your first post is claim that you've exchanged money from Skrill to Neteller (while BOTH strictly prohibits exchange) and trying to give some credibility to the scammer? Nice try. :)
  5. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    And again, the site IS SCAM.

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