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Discussion in 'Traffic Exchange & Safelists' started by zapper, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. monyitomon

    monyitomon Active Member

    @investor999 I do convert all my credits into traffic because i don't think of earning here i don't have referrals i surf on my own and i'm pretty contented because i don't need much traffic just 50 - 100 visitors a day is okay.
  2. investor999

    investor999 Active Member

    It is perfectly ok,I too like to have some visitors daily I surf myself someday and sometimes when I can not than I just assign some credits to my sites as I receive some referral credits daily from their surfing.But whatever be the reasons if you are surfing daily yourself it is so far so good as you will accumulate some money in time which you can use wisely or like.good luck keep surfing.
  3. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    I am not giving up surfing here either. I have now over three thousand credits and when Tagvillage launches it''s tagvertising widgets then I will create a lovely splash page from inside and then use that to advertise my tag link and maybe will get some nice new referrals.
  4. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    Its it really working? Sad to say me its did not work for me. When I'm still active clicking and active promoting my blog and my ptc sites. I do seldom get referrals but I never get an active on. Only join the site then don't even bother to be active. I don't know why. But I'm happy that yours seem working.
  5. Aussie_Striker

    Aussie_Striker New Member

    That is pretty typical with these types of sites so don't think it is just you. I once paid for 300 paid to signups on a site and none went active. They just do it for their few cents.
  6. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    I don't bother trying to get refs for this site or do sign ups I am just clicking to get many credits to do a mass promotion of one of my sites soon. I also like the bonuses and the extra cash we get per thousand of views that we do. I am just over the half way mark to getting paid here as it takes time but I am surfing an average of 150-200 pages/sites per day now.
  7. Doommister

    Doommister Member

    hey... I mange to surf 199 sites today..
    yes, almost 200..but just before I went to bonus page..it get me back to my member area...
    lost 1 bonus for surfing 200 sites...
  8. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    May I know what is the nature of your website? I'm just wondering what site your promoting. Since you don't try to promote your site to get referrals. So I'm wondering how will you going to take advantage the easyhits4U. If you don't promote the site?
  9. turfa

    turfa Member

    not your luck...
    try again next day :p
  10. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    He can click again in the same day and click 200 again if he wants.

    Can you elaborate more about this 200 surf you will get bonus. What kind of bonus. I'm not that active in here anymore. I'm planning to return if I finish my website. But its seems its going to take a while since right now I don't know why my wordpress having problem with connection to my database.
  11. fxpicpip

    fxpicpip Member

    More Explanation

    How exactly does this work, does it require my investment?
  12. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    Its depends on the reason why you click in here. Do you have a site that you promote easyhits4u can give traffic to your site. Do you want to earn per click you can earn in here also but you need to click thousands ads to earn few dollars.
  13. turfa

    turfa Member

    i know, but if he was me, i won't surf anymore in that time :D
  14. Doommister

    Doommister Member

    the bonuses are credit, banner, or text ad bonus..
    but the rare one is drawing tickets..
    every day it's chosen 10 members who get $1 :jitters:
    and there are other 30 but only get receive credit, banner, or text ad bonus..
  15. sai001

    sai001 Member

    wow this amazing, i dont know this before that there is chosen member can get $1.
    yesterday my account have trouble i cannot surfing maybe because i surf 200 in a row, then i email admin what's going on. Today my account active again, i'm glad.
  16. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    I treat the earnings as a little bonus and as I usually use small cash outs to invest in other sites the little money we get comes a long way and we always have the added bonus of some advertising. I might in future advertise my blogs here for traffic as I don't get that many sign ups for my other sites. At least it is a reliable little earner and it has always paid me.
  17. MisterTickle

    MisterTickle Member

    their cashout takes a bit too long for me to reach. instead, i just buy credits and then assign additional credits to my sites. i just convert the money into credits and use the credits and get additional hits to my blog. i'm not too particularly interested in cashing out from easyhits4u mainly because surfing does take a long time. i noticed many people saying they only get 200 surfs and thats it so location is also an impact of your maximum earnings.
  18. ajeskiwi

    ajeskiwi Member

    EasyHits4U deleted my account


    i've been registered as easyhits4u member for 5 years since June 2008.
    i even paid for annual premium member for $76.
    i've been very loyal costumer to them.
    spent my time doing surfing (which i like very much) for 5 years with them and spent my money as subscribed an annual premium member.
    my account statistic : credits is 100,000++ it is not include banner credit and text credit which is hundred thousands credits.

    this is i copied-pasted from their last reminder email, they sent on July 2013 while i was inactive, busy with my offlined job, asked me to become active again and remind me of credits i have;

    On 22 Jul 2013, at 17:45, "EasyHits4U Support" <support@easyhits4u.com> wrote:

    Dear reese,
    We have noticed that your EasyHits4U account has been inactive for some time.

    How is it going? Many cool new features have been added at EasyHits4U
    recently: You can now check reviews from other members and publish your
    own reviews to any surfed web site while surfing.

    Check our Invitations and Connections systems, Rewards Program, language
    targeting with ability to promote non-English ads, Mini games in surfing,
    and hundreds of other improvements and updates.

    Why not login right now and check it yourself?

    Your account statistics:
    Unassigned credits: 106256.03
    Unassigned banner impressions: 50821
    Unassigned text ad impressions: 110652

    We look forward to seeing you at EasyHits4U!

    i have proof about all my data, i archieved every email i received from others.
    i'm a legitimate person.
    i got the same email like above, asked to login my account and become active again, on Feb 2013.

    last week i even received my withdrawal for $17 on 2 days.

    today, i login my account with all my surprise, all statistic has reset to zero, even my profile photo was erased!!!
    and they send me an activation email as of i am a new registered member, thank me for joining and ask me to activate my account.

    what happend here!!!

    i try to reach support@easyhits4u.com but no respond at all.
    on my frustration with all of this mess, i desperately email info@easyhits4u.com
    info@easyhits4u answered me, only say try to clear my cookies and caches, which is offcourse not work at all because in fact the situation is my account has been reset to 0, or even deleted by them.
    and still not a word from support@easyhits4u.com

    i can't believe this!
    i never violate any of their rules, i even don't have any idea what bot is.
    i surfed manually hours by hours everytime for years.
    and got credits as bonus for my premium membership subsciption.
    i gave them money (i also paid membership subscriber on RelmaxTop, their sister site) and they just wiped me out, erased my account.

    i still can't believe this.
    never cross on my mind easyhits4u will do such low thing like this.
    never, not even once, i was thought them honest, but not anymore.
    i never ripped their money, if calcuted money spent to them is more than what i received from them.

    as information, i have a fixed offlined job, i'm a fulltime employment at a reputable finance institution at my country for years, surfing is my hobby and i love doing it, i never interested on ripping them out,, steal their money, in fact i paid them.
    spent on them my money and my time, just to be treated like this.
    i can't believe...how come easyhits4u, what's wrong with them now?

    i can't believe this.

    it shocked me a lot, until now.

    i can't believe this.

  19. ajeskiwi

    ajeskiwi Member

    My Account Is Back To Normal

    update for my above post :

    finally my account has back to normal.
    easyhits4u's support helped and back me up until my account finally back to what it's supposed to be.
    don't have any idea of what had caused it, my account behave abnormal, just like a very brand new registered account.
    but everything is in order now, my account fully functioning like before.

    hopefully thing like this won't happened again in the future.
    but if is somehow anything improper does happen again, about any programs, i'll try to always share to this forum.
    to avoid other fellow member from suffering the same thing, to keep our awareness.

    thanks to goldentalk forum which has provided such a convenient forum which we are allow to speak our mind and thought about anything.
    thanks for goldentalk forum members, for not complaining me to post my problem in this forum.

    God Bless Us All.

    Merry Christmas, everybody.
  20. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    I guess its just some data malfunction in their part. But any way who help you? If I read your previous post right its seems they are not answering and its the other email that you contact that actually reply to you and help you?

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