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Discussion in 'Traffic Exchange & Safelists' started by zapper, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    This is one of the top Traffic Exchange sites and listed as #1 in many rating websites. They claim to provide a fair, unlimited, 1:1 exchange ratio. Below you can find what you would get from a free membership:

    You even get paid @ EasyHits4U which is comparable to a manual surf!. cool huh?

    For more information about the features and Premium Membership, visit the website: www.easyhits4u.com

    good luck!.

    *Note: I am not the admin of this TE.
  2. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

    Easyhits is one of the long stayed traffic exchange site. I have known it, like 5 years now and it is still stable. The differents is that they pays too. If i had much time, to surf sites, i should have joined here long ago.
  3. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    Yes, that`s true. But still, they are paying you 30 Cents per 1000 visits, even as a free member. So, should you not count that as an advantage anyway, given the fact that you can also advertise as much as 15 of your sites with a 1:1 hit ratio.
  4. bigearners

    bigearners Member

    Easyhits4u is such a stable website , i had seen this website from more than 6 yars of working surfing industry.Even, me too got paid from this website once as standard free member but nowadays not much active over this website due to daily surfing limit of 190-200 sites for my region. So, its pretty difficult to reach minimum over this website. But its good, if you want traffic for your website,even this will works for me providing traffic. myself generally used this website for getting traffic to blogs and my websites.
  5. dennypiyu

    dennypiyu Member

    @ bigearners
    Yes you are right mate. easyhits4u is very stable website. I have got paid 3 times by them and now I still wait for next payment. their traffic is real and I can get 200 visitors per day for my blog easily
  6. djfritz

    djfritz Member

    Latest easyhits offer:

    Double text ad impressions

    Purchase text ad impressions and get double amount of impressions added to your account balance!

    And even more — the person who buys the most text ad impressions during this promotion will receive Start Page for free (any available week and position of his/her choice)!

    * Offer ends in three days on January 23, 2011. Supply is limited, so we cannot guarantee that extra impressions will be available till the end of this promotion.
  7. shibilyt

    shibilyt Member

    it is the most promising long running T.E site i know .
    i have used it for a long time it brought some extra visitors to my old blog while i also got paid for getting those visits . i really loved this site .
    i have stopped using it once i closed my blog and i was getting lazy to surf these sites.
  8. llbo1981

    llbo1981 Banned

    It is really a legit and paying manual surf site in the field of online money making£¬i had received two times from the site£¬and i am surfing now
  9. djfritz

    djfritz Member

    I thought I could cashout by now but I am so frustrated to see that I need to surf another 1000 page because my funds are lacking 6 cents to reach $3. Well if I can surf daily at 200 page then it will take me 5 days but so far I couldn't do that now, maybe it will take me a month or so.
  10. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    Ya. It is quite frustrating when things are slow and take longer. But nevertheless, you could always use the TE for what it is meant for and treat your earnings as a side income. This will set you free and you would have surfed to promote your website or blog and accomplished success in that, while also having earned some good money too!.
  11. djfritz

    djfritz Member

    Well for the longest time being a member here I have applied the purpose of this site but never got the benefits, and so for getting just one payment will be my remembrance from this site.
  12. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    Unfortunately i still need to complete 1000 pages in order to get paid. Hope that would happen some time in the future, though from what you say, i am getting a little doubtful about this TE. But, if they are not genuine, then why are they listed in the top ten is something i wonder.
  13. Willyede

    Willyede Active Member

    well i have just signed up here and i do hope to reap the reward of attracting people to my blog and also i will not mind if am paid along side with that
  14. kayevin

    kayevin Active Member

    I am using this site to get hits from my sites and is pretty much working for me even though I am not receiving that many referrals.
  15. Cashcube

    Cashcube Member

    Well i use this site for promoting my site.But currently due this paypal issue webmaster job i will get pretty hard.So no more promoting for earning purpose all that.
    Even i cant use paypal payment from them.
  16. djfritz

    djfritz Member

    All my credits were gone and even text impression and banner impression I used it all for promoting one site but I haven't got any referrals from it. I have not really gotten myself any of the benefits of this program so for me it is not really a good place to promote our sites because no one is paying attention to our sites here.
  17. dennypiyu

    dennypiyu Member

    Have you emailed your problem to them. I have no problem with my account in easyhits4u. I have been paid 3 times by them. I have 20 active ref there. people will join in your site that you have promoted there if they are interested in your site
  18. kayevin

    kayevin Active Member

    That is a bad problem,have you tried to contact paypal for that? Maybe you have violated their terms. :alien: Paypal is really tough on these issues.
  19. djfritz

    djfritz Member

    I guess you misquote me, instead of cashcube. I have not done any payout request here but I am near to it, I opt to use alertpay if there is a problem with paypal.
  20. kayevin

    kayevin Active Member

    If Easyhits will be using autosurf and not manual,it will be better and easier to get hits.

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