Each survey have particular income.

Discussion in 'Surveys For Cash' started by honkkong45, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. honkkong45

    honkkong45 New Member

    There is many category types of survey online there,some surveys include only particulars country and some are international survey provider.
  2. somupriti

    somupriti Member

    I could not understand the information you are trying to provide with this post. It is obvious that surveys have different earning potentials depending upon geographical reason, timing and nature of information required through it. So please make your post bit precise about the quality of information you want to deliver. That can help to bring more discussion into the thread.
  3. zef316

    zef316 Member

    I think we need to know the international survey sites before starting work on any specific site because some times newbies are starting working on some survey sites and when they ask for payment then the site not paying for international users. So please post some trusted sites who are accepting international users.
  4. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    If people would read the FAQ and Terms of Service before they greedily jump into a site, they would know which countries are accepted and which are not. They would also know what and which method of payment is being used.
    People need to learn to do their own Research and Due Diligence instead of relying on others to do it for them :(
  5. Canadiangoldstien

    Canadiangoldstien New Member

    looking for some surveys in canada ..anyone?
  6. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    That shouldn't be hard to find, just go through this section, I'm sure you'll find some legit sites with surveys for you.
  7. somupriti

    somupriti Member

    Most of the high earning survey sites are for USA and UK members, few are for international members. However I have found some good survey sites to earn few bucks for me. They are not highly rewarding but are not bad enough to participate. GPT sites are also a good options to have some ongoing survey in them.
  8. Mic612

    Mic612 New Member

    I cannot find any link or name of the website , please specify about which website you are talking about if you are just generally discussing about Surveys site i never found any survey site for Asian countries all i found in such sites just for US and Canada members
  9. paisakpaisa

    paisakpaisa New Member

    Each survey have particular income
    because every survey site has different rules & different kind of surveys
  10. VishalM

    VishalM Member

    I am from Asia. Look at this

  11. VishalM

    VishalM Member

    Asian people do get high paying surveys. look at this


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