E-mail spam, I avoid it?

Discussion in 'Internet Security' started by emkate26, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. emkate26

    emkate26 Member

    Spam or junk mail is abuse in the delivery of electronic news to display news and other purposes that lead to inconvenience for the users web. The form of the spam that is commonly known: blog spam, spam news on the mobile phone, Internet forum spam, and others. Spam usually comes without insistently requested and is often not desired by beneficiaries.
    There are a few tips to avoid spam e-mail into our e-mail them at:

    1. If we have a site and must include an e-mail address in our site should we change the @ sign with [at]. Example: adm [at] moneyoke.com.
    2. If you receive an email from a person who does not know us, it is better we do not need to respond or reply email.
    3. Never click on a link from the email sent by someone who does not know us.
    4. If we want to register on the mailing list or group that is usually provided by yahoo and google, you should use an e-mail address we are not so important.
    5. If we receive a spam e-mail our local should contact the team directly on national spam each.
    6. Install anti-spam software on our computer software such as MailWasher.
    7. Activate the service on the anti-spam email service that we use.
    8. Do not give your e-mail address to our private events, including the installing of an e-mail address on Facebook, Friendster or Myspace.
    Hopefully the above tips useful for all of us!
  2. rajfoe

    rajfoe Member

    I too wanna avoid the spam mails. but am not able to. Could you please tell me how to do that.
  3. aldejay

    aldejay Member

    I must say that informations given are helpfull. I alway recieve spam emails from nowhere flooding my spam inbox and don't know where they come from. I'm also planning to make me secured email just for private use and block unwanted mails that i don't even know where it came from.
  4. starapple

    starapple Member

    Yeah, I always avoid it and I just click "Spam" so that it can help my email provider's spam filter to become better.
  5. dinos1

    dinos1 Member

    Same for me, I try to avoid spam whenever I receive it and I never open emails coming from users which I don't know... Instead, I mark them as spam and send both them and any emails sent by the same user to the spambox where they are being automatically deleted after a few days..

    I am currently using gmail mostly and I am glad that it is very easy to use regarding spam and also it has a very good spam filter that sends all the annoying crap to the spam folder directly without annoying me with such emails..
  6. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    The best and easiest way to get rid of spam is to open yourself gmail account. You can use it as web mail or as classic PO3/SMTP or IMAP account.
  7. aicl

    aicl New Member

    I'm always receiving spam messages, but I wonder why notification that coming here in golden talk was label as a spam in my email not only goldentalk bout also other ppp I join. So i always check first those spam messages since some messages are not really spam.
  8. dinos1

    dinos1 Member

    What email provider are you using? In my case, I am using gmail and all notifications from golden talk and other forums are coming to my inbox directly, not the spam box... I had your problem while I was using hotmail though, if you are using that one as well, you may have the same problem.. If you are using gmail though, you must have changed something that made them send you such messages to the spam box instead..
  9. brutal

    brutal Member

    i have same problem use yahoo because i not familiar with another email and always use yahoo mail but i found just goldentalk and WMF where ptp i joined in spam box but another ptp is not they have in mailbox so everyday i must check my spam box before delete it
  10. dinos1

    dinos1 Member

    Well yahoo has a lot more problems apart that... For example, at times it does not even allow you to receive messages from specific websites, not even to your spam box.. I would suggest that you use another provider for important emails that you must read because yahoo may block them sometimes.. Hotmail was blocking some as well, that is why I am only using gmail now..
  11. internet

    internet Member

    If you mark them as no spam then next time you receive emails from this forum will go to your inbox, well i get lot of spam mails daily both on my yahoo and gmail account and what i do is that i reply and insult the sender because there is no use when you report them to the abuse centre you'll get a message saying they cannot trace it so i hit back with swear words

    PALSATWA Active Member

    just delete when i got spam mail...
    sometimes they duplicate your email address
  13. b0sn4aC

    b0sn4aC Member

    there is 1 addon what you need to pay to avoid spam e-mails. How it works? When you get 1 time spam/junk e-mail you can MARK it that it's spammers and you won't ever get it again. When you go on some forums / pages you can mark it too so if you register on some forum you won't get mails from it.
    It's addon what you can't find on warez pages ( try i'm not sure ) but i think it's called " StopSpamNow " . I think it's something like 59.99$ so try but i just know for it not 100% sure if it don't work :D
    Good Luck
  14. emkate26

    emkate26 Member

    Yes, try your search on google, lots of articles that explain about this spam. Thank you!

    Similar things I experienced, I often receive emails such as spam, is not clear from which the origin, all of a sudden to have entered my email. let's be careful for the next!

    Good, it is important that we be careful with this spam. Do not just read the origin of each incoming email! Thank you!

    Good, I also use gmail, which already has a security spam. Thank you comment!

    Agree, I also have been using gmail. Thank you comment!

    But if I use in place of a rather slow, now using gmail.
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  15. tohawk

    tohawk Active Member

    i alway bothered by those spam eamils as i registered on lots ptc sites before.
    i only can let them idle there and click the whole page of spam emails forever.
    even gmails spliter can only spliter those email from which we have reported. it's kinda of boring about those spam emails.
  16. chardyme

    chardyme Active Member

    If you don't want to be spammed don't register your email address to any sites. That's the best way to avoid it or just make a separate account for joining and for friends only
  17. internet

    internet Member

    But is hard because if you are a real internet marketer then you will just have to register as many sites as you can and even if you have a separate account you'll still use it one day, there is only one thing when coming to spams, never follow their links and delete them if they are unknown :jitters:
  18. bdsurf

    bdsurf Active Member

    Gmail can really help. Everyday I receive more than 10 spam message daily. I have more than 30 email address but I don't want to change my personal email address as spam message do not create any problem to me. At every night I check my mail again and mark all the spam message as spam and they never come again. In the other hand I started receiving spam messages in the same day I created my yahoo mail account. Its not much powerful like gmail.
  19. rortiz86

    rortiz86 Member

    Whenever I receive spams and when I'm in bad mood, I would report those spammers to those programs they are promoting, if they're promoting PTCs, I would report them to those PTC admins too...so they'll get banned, and probably will stop spamming me.

    We can't avoid spams, but we can do something for those spammers. lolz
  20. halazoun

    halazoun Active Member

    you can use Avoid spam filters with whitelisting, email delivery best practices and a good and is not getting on spammers' lists in the first place. ... Stop Spam with Disposable Email Addresses.
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