Do you use Bitcoin as a payment processor?

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by Stock999, Dec 20, 2015.


Do you use Bitcoin as a payment processor?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Stock999

    Stock999 Active Member

    I have not found anything about it within this forum. The thread in 'online payment processors' has been closed a while ago... Seems nobody here is interested in bitcoins.
    So i just want to ask.
  2. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    I don't have much Bitcoins to be of any good use. :) Around 0.02 BTC.
  3. Stock999

    Stock999 Active Member

    Really it is not too much. You can put it in a hyip, may be it will grow.
  4. samuel_p80

    samuel_p80 New Member

    I never using Bitcoint, its so expensive. I tend to use Okpay or WM, its more secure
  5. iStaff

    iStaff New Member

    Yes I do use Bitcoin as a payment processor!
  6. Liton Roy

    Liton Roy New Member

    Could you please let me know with which have you compared?
  7. benjaminmason

    benjaminmason Member

    i love to use bitcoin, i ever to pay hosting and domain with bitcoin.
  8. Cheryl Trevis

    Cheryl Trevis Member

    I just heard of it but, I have not tried it yet.
  9. ecoin

    ecoin New Member

    Yes I use them most of the time now. After Liberty Reserve was ceased by FBI, we need another or at least similar payment processor. Bitcoin is safe to use. I encash them using's service.
  10. bigearners

    bigearners Member

    I want to try out bitcoin payment processor various time but everytime left such payment system due to quite confusing in nature as compared to other processors like Neteller, Skrill etc.
  11. nurabooo

    nurabooo New Member

    Nope Bitcoins are so expensive so I didn't tried it yet !
  12. CE-fezyA

    CE-fezyA New Member

    which wallet did u use

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