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Discussion in 'Internet Security' started by zeraeign, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. zeraeign

    zeraeign Member

    As online earners, we definitely don't want any infected stuff in our PC. Anyway, here are some of my advice as a long-time *downloader*.

    1. Careful from downloading anything from Warez site or those cracked applications or those that comes with keygens as a lot of them are infected. Believe me. I know.

    There was one time I download FLStudio from a warez site. Little did I know that it was made to SPY and send information to the internet without me knowing. It means its infected with a spyware. My antivirus, Avira, didn't detect it. Instead, I found out about it when I installed ThreatFire.

    2. In relation to number 1, have an antispyware software that provides real-time protection.

    3. Download from legit sites like CNet, BrotherSoft, Softpedia, and Filehippo as the applications here are 100% clean. If you encounter a site you barely know, research first. Ask Google's search engine if its legit or not. I'm sure there's gonna be results.

    4. Careful with downloading OPEN-SOURCE files from other sites. I found out from How-to-Geek (link here) that there are sites that offers FREE but INFECTED open-source files like this site here.


    I only download open-source files from SourceForge or in the legit sites I listed above. If a site looks funny, leave it.

    4. Always have an updated antivirus and make sure its real-time protection is turned on. Did you know that scanning a file through an antivirus and then it gave you a clean result, doesn't ensure you that its not infected?

    In H4ck4tt4ck before, used to be a PTP forum, someone posted a way to infect a file that can't be detected unless you run it. That user even uploaded his file in those Online Scanning sites (the one that scans you file with all antiviruses) but the result was 100% CLEAN. Scary if you download similar files, huh?


    I hope these helps. :D
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  2. t2t

    t2t Active Member

    You really need to be careful whenever you are downloading from the net. It has the power to destroy your system this tips are very useful. Thanks for sharing them. And those site mention above, i will do well to stay away from them.
  3. Chinenye123

    Chinenye123 Active Member

    thanks for this information. I often download from such site but on a public cafe. I'm sure i downloaded such things into their system without knowing. I would be more careful while downloading especially into my own personal computer.
  4. zeraeign

    zeraeign Member

    If you download from an internet cafe, that pose more risk as usually, computers from net cafes are infected although so far, I think most of them doesnt directly pose a threat to our online-earning ventures.

    Just make sure you have an updated antivirus in the unit your using to earn online.
  5. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    What is that Warez site?? I never heard about this stuff
  6. savis

    savis Member

    No matter it is your personal PC or the internet café, it is always better to be careful while downloading stuffs. Check if it is from a legit source. If anyone prompts you to download certain things to earn money, beware, no one will give you free money. It is their mode of hacking or spamming your system. Keep an up to date antivirus, anti spyware application.
  7. carrie99

    carrie99 Active Member

    Yes, we must always be careful when we wanted to download any program from the internet. My friend's computer got hacked and she had to buy another new computer, since all the system in her computer had been malfunction after that downloading.
  8. Mike22

    Mike22 New Member


    I have installed anti-virus software in my pc. Now I feel safe whenever I downloading any file from net.
  9. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

    I think downloads is one of the easiest way to get virus from internet. It contains lots of spywares, if from a wrong site or if the software is infected. For my downloads, i usually use brothersoft or cnet.
  10. kiddoman

    kiddoman Member

    Just do not go around those webpage with viruses and update your OS in time, plus a nice anti-virus software. Your computer can be good either!
  11. Estiva

    Estiva Member

    Any site that asks you to download their exclusive virus free download manager is scam. This includes or even softonic's download manager. they log your surfing history and sell it to advertisers. So never download those download managers from the site where you get free stuff.
  12. Skynett

    Skynett Member

    Most file or application downloading web sites are riddled with malicious malware that will corrupt computer if one is not careful of downloading in the web site.
  13. Estiva

    Estiva Member

    Not true skynett. Utorrent which I use for the linux distro downloading and some other stuff has no virus at all. It depends on where and why you download the stuff. if the source has virus your downloader software is not responsible for it.
  14. Sam1

    Sam1 New Member

    thanks for the topic, a lot of helpful information read!
  15. all13

    all13 Member

    Our account or PC security in our hand, if we have careful to do any stuff. Downloading is the most important thing to consider when doing. check properly your downloaded document security stuff. and try to away downloading, only do when needed and know about the download item.
  16. e-success

    e-success New Member

    we can use sandbox to prevent any malicious programs from attacking our system! You can run your browser under a sandboxed mode. You can also use virtual pc and system freezer just to ease the problem of downloading a huge database file update from your antivirus. Good for slow internet connection at home. Cheers!
  17. Gorald

    Gorald New Member

    If you have a good antivirus and firewall software installed into your computer and you are careful enough about web threats, then nothing can harm you and your computer. Just you need to be smart enough.
  18. amitsinha

    amitsinha New Member

    also dont open an email attachment when its comes from unknown sender the chances that it would be a spyware
  19. nate

    nate Member

    Please how can I scan my systen to detect spywares and which anti spyware software can I use..please I will apreciate if a link will be pasted for me to download scared of my system now
  20. amitsinha

    amitsinha New Member

    please check the cnet reviews for the best software in the market

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