Buying Perfect Money/BTC with Verified Paypal

Discussion in 'E-currency Exchange' started by sham222, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. sham222

    sham222 New Member


    I have verified paypal canadian account with clean funds.Lookin to trade in with perfect money or btc.

    Please contact me at or skype me @ sharjeel28
  2. EDBow

    EDBow New Member

    Not sure if legit
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  3. sham222

    sham222 New Member

    I always trade in professionl and legal way.i can provide u my id if want.Moreover funds coming from my account not credit cards
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  4. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    ecurrency using PayPal is against PayPal Terms Of Service (TOS). There is NO Legitimate way to use PayPal for currency exchange. People or companies claiming to do so are always suspect!
  5. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith New Member

    I am in need of paypal funds I can sell you some btc at preeve + 10%
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  6. nishalui

    nishalui New Member

    You need to go through a trusted exchanger like or Localbitcoins as if you go through members who don't have enough trust here, you can get chargedback. Don't take the risk as PP doesn't allow BTC exchanges.
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  7. Epicram

    Epicram Member

    With Verified account, you don't have any issues with trading.

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