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    Hello, I am so happy to introduce our company to all of you. In 2016, Tom Robert registered a company in London, Bt Cloud Limited.

    The main business is the exploitation of Bitcoin. Actually, we had our own Bitcoin workshop in 2012, but now the yield of Bitcoin has been reduced by half and it is more difficult to dig well compared with before time. Hence, we decide to expand our mining scale. However, the plan needs more capital. Hence, now we begin the Cloud investment planning formally.

    You should not need heavy technology base or the cost of heavy calculation process. All you need is to be our member. We would have a settlement of interest on your investment in each hour and we would not charge for the interest of settlement. Of course, it is OK if you want to withdraw the investment but we would charge for 3% counter fee.

    3% - 9% DAILY
    0.1250%-0.3570% HOURLY
    MIN: 0.01
    MAX: 5

    4% - 10% DAILY
    0.1666%-0.4166% HOURLY
    MIN: 5.0001
    MAX: 25

    6% - 12% DAILY
    0.2500%-0.5000% HOURLY
    MIN: 25.0001

    Referral Commission;
    1st: 3%
    After you become a registered member, you can send your referral link to your friend. You will receive a referral bonus when your friend deposit.

    1st: 6.5% 2nd: 2% 3rd: 1%
    You could apply for representatives if there were 1 Bitcoins or above saving in the account and you were recommended by 5 people directly. When the principle is less than 1 Bitcoins or the off-line Bitcoin amount is less than the saving of 0.01 Bitcoin, the representatives quality would be canceled.

    Senior Representative1st: 8% 2nd: 4% 3rd: 2%
    4th: 1% 5th to infinite: 0.05%
    You could apply for senior representatives if there were 5 Bitcoins or above saving in the account and you were cultured by 5 representatives. When the principle is less than 5 Bitcoins or the representatives amount is less than the 5, the senior representatives quality would be canceled.

    Payment Processor:
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    Your rate looks good but when does my investment terminates. and do i have my investment back at the end of the period?
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    Just another pyramid scheme as for me. Yes, it may work till XMAS, but it may collapse as soon as they receive a
    few hundred bucks from the lost HYIP gamblers.

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