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    - Standard account :

    Value: $ 0.01 - $ 0.001

    direct referral click: 50%

    rented referral click: 50%

    max. DR: 100

    max. RR: 200

    minimum payout: $ 2

    method of payment: Paypal, Payza,perfect money, and bitcoin

    Time: manually

    interval between payments: 7 days

    Up to 4 guaranteed ads daily

    Sign up Bonus :

    First 10000 members will get 7 Days Golden and $0.1 on your purchase balance(You can purchase rented referrals or advertise credits)

    Deposit Bonus :

    $5~$50 will get 4% bonus to purchase balance
    $51~$100 will get 5% bonus to purchase balance+10000 banners+4000 ptc ads.
    $101~$200 will get 7% bonus to purchase balance+20000 banners+10000 ptc ads+1 day fixed ads.
    $201~$400 will get 8% bonus to purchase balance+30000 banners+20000ptc ads+3 day fixed ads
    $401~$600 will get 10% bonus to purchase balance+50000 banners+20000ptc ads+3 day fixed ads
    $601~$800 will get 12% bonus to purchase balance+100000 banners+50000ptc ads+7 day fixed ads
    $801~$1000 will get 15% bonus to purchase balance+500000 banners+100000ptc ads+15 day fixed ads uses legal EvolutionScript license!

    brilliantclix GET PAID, EVERY 30 SECONDS



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