blogger vs wordpress

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by hamzakhankhan, May 23, 2013.

  1. peleus

    peleus Member

    I think Wordpress nowadays with a so many functionalities would crush blogger. Just my two cents though.
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  2. mcliffi

    mcliffi Member

    I too support word-press since it has got lots of features and its articles rank well in the Google search.I have an account in word-press and i can say its fantastic.You can make money in word-press quick and easy by simply publishing articles.
  3. possolutions

    possolutions New Member

    Hi Friends,
    wordpress is the best compared to blogger.
  4. John Braun

    John Braun New Member

    I don't think so...
  5. Gravity Force

    Gravity Force New Member

    Wordpress is good as compare to blogger.
  6. karan_1128

    karan_1128 New Member

    I prefer wordpress thanks to it's features, smoothness and easy and clean UI.
  7. Trader Alx

    Trader Alx New Member

    Blogger always seems easier and more user friendly to me.
  8. speculator

    speculator Member

    blogger is much faster and I think easier to use, I'd go with blogger, although not sure which one is more popular
  9. emily45

    emily45 New Member

    I had been using wordpress for a long time and based on some things I saw, I decided to set up a blog on blogger... It might just be me, but I quickly returned to Wordpress! I am not very good with change :) I do like wordpress though!
  10. sauberlime

    sauberlime New Member

    Wordpress for sure. You will have a lot of freedom with it when compared to blogger.
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  11. sr95568

    sr95568 New Member

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  12. Liton Roy

    Liton Roy New Member

    I would like to go with Blogger, where WordPress is also nice.
  13. benjaminmason

    benjaminmason Member

    wordpress more easily to get approved for adsense than blogger. 3 times i request my blog on blogger but rejected by google
  14. bloomingbud

    bloomingbud New Member

    Wordpress is the best. Plus there are so many users using it that it's easy to get help.
  15. Cheryl Trevis

    Cheryl Trevis Member

    I found this online and i think this can be a good help for all of us. Go here.
  16. Janetta Hawking

    Janetta Hawking New Member

    Wordpress is easier to use and understand, you don't need to be expert to use this platform.
  17. bluebird08

    bluebird08 New Member

    Oh, the most of suggesttion is Wordpress. I started with Blogger, so I think I'll make Blog with Worpress right now.
    Thanks all.
  18. selenagomez1

    selenagomez1 New Member

    Nothing free is as good as the paid one. This is the same to case of blogger vs wordpress. When you use wordpress, you will get easily control all of its features, which blogger can not give you!
  19. woggi

    woggi New Member

    make your life easy and choose wordpress!
  20. whinnysleuth

    whinnysleuth New Member

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