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Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by hamzakhankhan, May 23, 2013.

  1. MisterTickle

    MisterTickle Member

    let's not forget monetization. if you use wordpress.COM hosting, you are subjected to the wordads revenue sharing. if you are retrieving from wordpress.ORG, then i guess you can insert your own html code. blogger makes inserting your own html code easier. currently strips away much of the code and their policy forbids ad publishing from external sources.
  2. norvinpatrick

    norvinpatrick Active Member

    .org gives a better costumization compare to .com . i still prefer .com only as an archives only while .org as my own main income where i build a better and more customized site. As for blogger i think it does not even matter how much you think it still better with google rather than put it in the other hosting site. Overall both of them are equal.
  3. MisterTickle

    MisterTickle Member

    definitely .org for customization, but i have never brought a site online with the package they offer. just wondering though, which host did you use? i was thinking of going with a lower cost shared hosting, either webhostingpad or maiahost, but there's still the quality concern of course.
  4. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    @MisterTickle Do you mean that we can not use Adsense in because they policy forbids Ad publish from external source?
  5. insa80

    insa80 New Member

    Wordpress is easy to use for those people which have no sense how to design website and that is why it has become world's top rated website script but question is about its efficiency and popularity when it is compared with blogger.
  6. MisterTickle

    MisterTickle Member

    yeah, you must have a certain amount of monthly traffic and then apply to WordAds, which is the ad program by Wordpress for all hosted blogs. you cannot add adsense code into any html widget. if you do, wordpress will strip much of the code away preventing any display. this is for the $18 a year hosting. i'm not sure about the premium packages though. They say you can publish ads if you host your .com blog with an external host. i recommend maiahost because it's by far the cheapest that i have found.
  7. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    That is to say, Wordpress has gotten their Ad Network instead of depending on adsense. Anyway, that might be for the users that are still using Wordpress Hosting plan. While premuin will be allowed to use any Ad because they are fully in control of the Blog.
  8. norvinpatrick

    norvinpatrick Active Member

    What kind of wordpress? .com or .org? Also blogger is still easy and efficient. I still use it up to now, to update few things about my life. It does not need much modification and the looks is okay. In the end it is all about flavour of you and me.
  9. sikanderhamid

    sikanderhamid Member

    Both are best for blogging.

    Well,you can go with anyone.For adsense approval, the site of blogging does not matter but the thing which matters is the quality of your post and the amount of traffic.
  10. norvinpatrick

    norvinpatrick Active Member

    Quality of posts is important for blogger users and also wordpress users, and talking about search engine optimization i will prefer Wordpress but the .org not .com because of jetpack feature it has. :song:
  11. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Speaking of which, the best is to have your own domain, then you can do any kind of SEO optimisation you want. :)
  12. Sasuyas0ri

    Sasuyas0ri Member

    Both of them are the same. Wordpress and blogspot have their own adventages and disadvantages. But there are some newbies there love to use blogspot, because of they said it have easy way to use. About Google Adsense approval, it doesn't matter what blog platform you use.
  13. kwini09

    kwini09 New Member

    both are fine since they're both free of charge. however, wordpress' layout looks much more professional than blogger's.
  14. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    Please what is Jetpack feature in Wordpress and I think that normally that .Org is for an Organization while .Com is for normal usual sites extensions. So why do you like to use .Org instead of .Com?
  15. samsharma

    samsharma Member

    WordPress is best because they are easy to use and they have many types of themes and templates while blogger is very narrow. Hello you can not get easy ad sense approval until you have 500-600 visitors per day on your blog/ website
  16. hamzakhankhan

    hamzakhankhan Member

    .org and .com are two different wordpress platforms. is like blogger where u can create a free blog.
    And is a software which is used to create ur own blog on your own domain and hosting.
    U can install plugins on hosted wordpress) but not on
  17. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    Thanks for that, now am cleared in that expect. That is to say all free wordpress users are using .com as a free version and .org is used on self paid domain and hosted blog. That is to say the .org software will be used to designer or as plugin on the self hosted Blog. Is the software for free or paid. One?
  18. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Wordpress is free software. Many plugins are free as well but many are paid. And BTW, just to get the things clear, you can also use .com domain (or any other domain whatsoever) for your self-hosted Wordpress blog.
  19. Abdallah Bijle

    Abdallah Bijle New Member

    hi what is word press and blog press?
  20. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Blogging platforms, among other things.

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