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  1. blackgoldinvest

    blackgoldinvest New Member

    New HYIP program will start 2012.02.27.-

    It is with great pleasure that I announce that will be launched 02/27/2012.
    This site is the culmination of months of hard work which has produced what we believe to be one of the most fruitful online investments of 2012.

    Plans Black Gold Investment,inc.
    2 % Daily For 70 Days. Automatic withdrawal. Return principal. MAX. EARNINGS 296 %

    Silver 5.00 - 49.99 1.20%
    Gold 50.00 - 299.99 1.60%
    Platinum 300.00 - 999.99 2.00%
    Diamond 1000.00 - 2000.00 2.80%

    Exclusive - 6 % Daily For 40 Days. Automatic withdrawal. Return principal. MAX. EARNINGS 340 %

    Silver 30.00 - 199.99 2.80%
    Gold 200.00 - 699.99 3.50%
    Platinum 700.00 - 999.99 4.00%
    Diamond 1000.00 - 5000.00 6.00%

    Premium - 11.5% Daily For 30 Days. Automatic withdrawal. Return principal. MAX. EARNINGS 445%

    Silver 100.00 - 499.99 5.50%
    Gold 500.00 - 999.99 7.50%
    Platinum 1000.00 - 10000.00 11.50%

    VIP - 50.0% Daily For 10 Days. Automatic withdrawal. Return principal. MAX. EARNINGS 550%

    Brilliant 1000.00 - 10000.00 50.00%


  2. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    Anybody else get the message:
    when visiting the site?
  3. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    yup ... i saw it too on the home page ...
    and the similar message on the news section :
    also, i am a bit confused with the offering plan ...
    here's one example ...
    is that 1d plan or 70 days plan ??
  4. Started on: 02/27/2012
    Running days: -11

    It seems that the program is due to be launched in 11 days - but why this thread would be opened before the site is operational I don't know.
  5. Oluwolefakoye

    Oluwolefakoye Member

    anyway to me i think its good to discus the site even when it is still in the prelunch mode because from now one can begin to know what the site really up to
  6. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    The website is not attractive at all. The colour of the background and also the fonts they are using.

    I am also confused. On the main page, indeed they only write 1 day plans, but when try to view more of their investments -- -- you will see the long term plans.

    This website is simply not ready yet to operate
  7. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    I see a very interesting data statistic on this HYIP:
    Started on: 02/27/2012
    Running days: -10
    Total Accounts: 29
    Total Capital: $0.57
    Total Deposits: $25.05
    Total earnings: $1.98
    Total withdrawn: $1.41
    Commission Paid: $0.00
    Users Online: 4

    So we better wait actually
  8. Oluwolefakoye

    Oluwolefakoye Member

    I dont advice anyone to invest in this site yet because its just risky to me
  9. MisterTickle

    MisterTickle Member

    all the plans look pretty good except for the VIP plan. the vip plan just makes the whole investment site look unsustainable. the return is just too high and there is no way they can continue paying that much.
  10. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    It seems too early to tell how this website will progress. For now, it seems that this website will only be officially launched in Feb 27. Lets wait till that date and see what happens.

    The website layout is really horrible, especially when I enter their Sign Up page, and it seems that until now, no one is sure of their investment plans as well...
  11. Syrine22

    Syrine22 Banned

    wow what a contradicting statistics.Where are the former deposits??
    Recent statistics:
    Program Statistics
    Started on: 02/27/2012
    Running days: -3
    Total Accounts: 27
    Total Capital: $0.00
    Total Deposits: $0.00
    Total earnings: $0.00
    Total withdrawn: $0.00
    Commission Paid: $0.00
    Users Online: 13
  12. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    Do you think that the previous statistics posted by luke1 might be fake statistics that the website is providing the other time ? Hard to say anything now and we will still have to wait for Feb 27 (their launching date) and see how things progress
  13. kivanger

    kivanger Member

    tomorrow is the official date of this hyip site in the open, and when I saw the initial appearance of this hyip site has comprehensive features ranging from
    High Profit
    Instant Withdraw
    Licensed Script
    Unique Design
    Payouts 7 Days A Week
    DDoS Protected
    SSL Protected
    No Minimum Withdraw
    No Fee For Withdraw
    Professional Management Team
    Strong Security Account
    24/7 Online Account Access

    but it is an obstacle for me, I can not check it "DDoS Protected and Protected SSL" and I've been fooled by this
  14. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    Don't be surprised. HYIP websites will definately states that their website are DDOS protected and SSL protected, but not all will have these 2 protections. Not surprising at all if this BlackGold-Invest doesn't have these at all. The website script seems like a cheap one.
  15. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    To check and see if a website has SSL, try to access the site using "https" like so: (site does NOT have SSL)

    If the site opens, then the site has SSL, if the site does not open then it does not have SSL.

    Hope this helps.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2012
  16. kivanger

    kivanger Member

    thank you for your suggestion, christmas_ and I now had to be more careful and not easily taken in the words of hyip sites

    This hyip site does not have it and how to check ddos, betsybee? In this way very easily but can not think of a newbie like me, thanks a lot for this :)
  17. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    If a website doesn't even have SSL protection, then don't bother about a DDOS protection already. This website is totally unsecured. How to be sure our money is safe with the website, if that is the case.
  18. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    All the protection in the world does not guarantee a website is good or bad. Blackmailers seem to be the latest HYIP killer (so sites are claiming) and there is no protection against them.
  19. valexer

    valexer Member

    Thanks betsybee! This is really helpful. and talking about this site, It's already 27th and i think it was mentioned that this day is suppose to be the grand launch of this site. Anyone invested here already? Because i dont think investing here is a good idea. I cant see any necessary protection in this site.
  20. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    Looks like the website is now fully launched already. Don't see the debug mode thingy message on their website anymore. And I think some investors have invested already. Take a look at their current statistics:

    Started on: 02/27/2012
    Running days: 1
    Total Accounts: 21
    Total Capital: $0.00
    Total Deposits: $30.00
    Total earnings: $0.00
    Total withdrawn: $0.00
    Commission Paid: $0.00
    Users Online: 11

    Lets wait and see if someone got paid or not.

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