Best technique for SEO OFF Page?

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  1. James Smith

    James Smith New Member

    What is the Best technique for SEO OFF Page?

    If m doing per day 100 blog commenting,100 Social Bookmarking & 100 Directories. Which one is better for getting ranking & Traffic.
  2. kate willson

    kate willson New Member

    Off page SEO tips or strategies are the techniques by which you can promote website’s name, URL at different websites without changing anything in website or pages.

    Community Creation in Social Networking Sites
    Forum Postings
    Search Engine Submission
    Directory Submission
    Social Bookmarking
    Link Exchange
    Link Baiting
    Photo Sharing
    Local Listings & Yellow Pages
    Classifieds Submission
    Photo Sharing
  3. jabeen100

    jabeen100 New Member

    Forum posting is the best technique for the SEO. It is also a safe way.
  4. stablesoft1

    stablesoft1 Banned

    Off-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do directly OFF your website to help you rank higher, such as social networking, article submission, forum & blog marketing, etc.
  5. evearmytage

    evearmytage New Member

    Off page SEO optimizes a website to get high traffic. It depends on various factors. With SEO off page optimization visitors can find out links of your website from various other websites related to it.
  6. jamesjennifer

    jamesjennifer New Member

    i suggest article and blog posting and social networking are helpful way.
  7. stevecolin101

    stevecolin101 New Member

    Although there are many technique, but i always for for content marketing.
  8. displaysandexhibit

    displaysandexhibit New Member

    Off page SEO optimizes a website to get high traffic. It depends on various factors. With SEO off page optimization visitors can find out links of your website from various other websites related to it.
  9. The best seo technique for 2014 is content marketing, like article, press release, blog posting and sharing on social media channels.
  10. dev007

    dev007 Member

    I have no idea about off page SEO tricks and methods. I know to get good and genuine traffic to a web site it is important for the web site to get it in the 1st or 2nd page of the search engine. Good page ranking can help to place a web site in the 1st or 2nd page. Still I don't know how off page SEO tricks can help us???
  11. tairoylance112

    tairoylance112 New Member

    Very nice and very informative hub. Nice and easy to understand. Thank you for the great and important information.
  12. Hi Friends,
    These are following techniques:
    Article Posting
    Forum Posting
    Blog Commenting
    Press Release Submission, etc.
  13. These are the best off page technique:
    1. Article Submission.
    2. Press Release.
    3. Blog Commenting.
    4. Forum Posting, etc.
  14. sikanderhamid

    sikanderhamid Member

    I shall prefer forum posting over blogging for search engine optimization.Because in forums, you can make contacts for as many people as you want but in blogging you make a informative blog but to attract the visitors, you again have to make use of the various forums.
  15. kelly18

    kelly18 New Member

    Best techniques for seo are white hat seo techniques for getting good back links from reputed websites over the Internet.
  16. AyeshaPari89

    AyeshaPari89 New Member

    i agree with you, but in content marketing we should use unique content, original content.
  17. jasonhuff312

    jasonhuff312 New Member

    You need to be looking into high quality backlinks. PBN links, guest posting, edu/gov links and links from niche relevant blogs. Make sure to stay away from spammy links like blog comments. Also make a few web 2.0s and load them up with HQ content and put a backlink in them.
  18. doughboy23

    doughboy23 New Member

    You learn something new every day... had to google "PBN" and just read a 4k word article on it. That could be just what I was looking for :)
  19. cacktas

    cacktas Member

    in seo off page seo is belong to the header section of the website page. use the tags which only belong to your website. bookmarks bar social media directories entry are the best way all these i prefer blogging
  20. josephcaron

    josephcaron New Member

    Hello Friends,

    These are five best technique off page activity :

    Article Submission and marketing
    Forum Posting
    Press Release Submission
    Do-follow Site Blog Posting
    Local Business Listing
    Social Media Sharing is a best way of best SEO Technique.

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