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Discussion in 'HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs' started by keuss, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. keuss

    keuss Member

    A thread is on advertising section, but none is participating except the OP.

    I have bought a share in early December, since I picked up 7 shares from the market place and got 2 shares as Xmas bonus from the site.
    The December was really quiet, hardly generating any profit, but it has been great after New years day. The earnings posted twice a day in several times.
    I think it's worth of a try, since the min is so low and it's very stable program

    Best eMoney
  2. t2t

    t2t Active Member

    Yes i have join this one but not bought any shares yet. What i don't know is if we can withdraw our shares daily, or wait until it has accumulate 150percent before getting paid.
  3. vbleble

    vbleble Active Member

    This one looks pathetic. I doubt if someone wouldnotice they have a revenue sharing program. The layout is so crowded which makes most of the investors lose their patience to read them, they may even caanot find where to start reading.
  4. keuss

    keuss Member

    You can draw any time if you meet the min requirement.
    I think it's $.10 for LR and $1 for AP.

    Found I got credited again less than 24 hrs from last profit. :D
  5. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    All earnings are paid manually from admin, normally one hour after request for withdrawal. This program would work long for members and admin because all earnings are coming from paid ads.
  6. sus

    sus Active Member

    The min to withdraw is $0.01 in Liberty reserve and in alertpay $1.00.
    I bought me a share from older shareholders before christmas. For nothing really $1.62. Today i made another withdrawal request and so i just recovered the initial spend in here :) Its a fast earner in my eyes and its not new. Been online since last summer if i dont recall wrong.
  7. sus

    sus Active Member

    I finded an answer from admin on the question what happens if the site dont make money instead make a missive loss.
    Heres the answer so it is explained before somone hits the buzz:)
    Copy of text from admin of ebestmoney
    share will generate earnings each time the company makes a profit
    but share will generate earnings each time the company gains money (when something is sold).
    System operates in a way massive loses are not a possibility.
    There can be some minor loses in case payment (for which shareholders got revenue) is reversed by dishonest buyer, but its unlikely to affect shareholders.
    And there can be some setbacks in case advertising gives poor results, but then it would just take more time to get 150%.

    I hope the admin hasnt anything against me copying hes answer. I think this is a question everyone like to know how the site works and if they loose what happen.
  8. t2t

    t2t Active Member

    I wanted to make some spend there but have the patience to read some more info, it is stated clearly that it could take around 2 good months or less to reach bep. So i was think maybe that is too long. But the minimum is affordable so i will go with the minimum.
  9. sus

    sus Active Member

    I reached bep in bestemoney.
    im exactly at bep and i went in just before christmas... Now its all profit that will come along.
    This went faster then i thought. And i think its because it was the older shares i bought. Compared to many programs im in this one has done quiet well.
    Im off to buy me another share.
  10. tibor5

    tibor5 Active Member

    This profit sharing program is quite interesting. I must admit that I don't really like profit sharing PTCs or Forums, I feel like it is a waste of time clicking the ads or making posts at such sites, but this one seems to be reliable and paying. I see a lot of investors have already succeeded here so I think I will give it a try myself investing $5. I hope this program will be successful and last very long.
  11. vlad682000

    vlad682000 Member

    in fact that minimum is low as 1$ I just bought 1 share.
  12. sus

    sus Active Member

    Im officially in profit today. Got me another payout and checked when i started bestemoneys with my very little deposit. The 19th of december i started and under christmas the return was very slow. In January it started again the fast lane:) Im off for getting me new shares.
  13. keuss

    keuss Member

    All of my shares are not even in half way.
    I guess you just picked one really aged(?), and it's going really fast. :p
    I gotta ask the admin which is better strategy, whether one big share or multiple small shares to hold?
  14. t2t

    t2t Active Member

    Im still on the edge of buying any shares but when all my funds in hyip and other program are freed i will buy one little share and see how this work, another feature i like about this site is that we can place our site or affiliate link on the front page of the site.
  15. Multiple smaller Shares would allow to setup ads for more links, but ~ same number of total ad views.
    Earnings would be a little bit faster, but only when shares become old.
  16. sus

    sus Active Member

    Yes maybe i actually did something right. :p
    Im going for a little bigger share this time.
    Also founded in the shares for sale by other people.
  17. sus

    sus Active Member

    Bought me old shares again:) Im in again with other words game on.
    This time share was ordinary price of 20.00 i paid 12.98 and the gain is 35 % faster and 14 % less profit.
    Mode Account
    Date 01/27/2011 22:00
    Batch 54188472
    From U55xxxxx
    To U0649871 (Bestemoney)
    Amount $13.00
  18. Legendkid

    Legendkid Banned

    I just google a blog and i saw the programs name offering backlink to this blog.With the minimum of $1 and investment returns,we can add our site to this program?
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2011
  19. ezabc

    ezabc New Member

    Is this really a HYIP? It's not is it?

    Probably that's a good thing cuz. it might actually be a real investment - I'll go in for a buck anyways.
  20. Legendkid

    Legendkid Banned

    @ tibor
    i think you should,if you're willing to buy,well,since this program offers a multiple interest within a day and better still,a member has reach bep here,so maybe it's time you invest and start earning before it's too late.

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