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    I'm not admin here

    Are you ready to have your life changed? Welcome to our new, state of the art e-investment platform.
    With just a few simple clicks you can invest in the worlds most lucrative industry and start earning now!
    We will take care of the complicated investment processes and all that you will have to do is decide on how to spend your profits.
    Our traders specialize in highly lucrative investment options in order to generate the highest possible returns for our clients.
    The e-investment platform is available 24/7. You can access your account and manage your funds anytime anywhere.
    Thank you for joining us at this exciting stage in our career and be a part of something truly immense.


    UP TO 131.00% AFTER ONE DAY
    NET PROFIT : 31%

    UP TO 181.00% AFTER TWO DAYS
    NET PROFIT : 81%

    NET PROFIT : 120%

    NET PROFIT : 200%

    Accepted currencies: Perfect money, Multiwebpay,Payeer,Bitoin,Unixcoin,Neteller,ADVcas h, Payza, Fasapay,Litecoin,Okpay
  2. emmatee

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    Greeting to all members/Goldpoll admin/betsybee
    It appear i have not been fortunate due to my inexperience and i am not having it funny at all.
    On the 8th of Dec, 2016 i invested $300 in BTC deposit for a 6% 24hr plan which expires on 9th dec, 2016.
    Suddenly my Pincode was taken away from me hence hindering me from making any withdrawal. Since then it has been so. All mail sent to admin have not been replied
    Goldpoll admin pls investigate and save members from scammers. Pls put the Problem tag. i have already place a vote.
    we rely on your ability to handle this .
  3. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Well, the site is completely gone by now. And I keep wondering why people put alot of money into a hourly plan?!? That's pure reckless gambling.
  4. emmatee

    emmatee New Member

    Thanks for the information. well am new and thought all that was posted in Goldpoll platform been verified and confirmed to be genuine. I have posted a bad vote, and also confirmed it through my mail but have not been contacted by Goldpoll admin yet for verification.With the paying status still on on BTC deposit a lot of people will be investing their money and getting scamm. Really bad . I pray Goldpoll admin step on it quickly and put in the problem status.
    I am still learning but unfortunately, learning it the hard way.
    I have the stuff posted by you. I will try and study and know what to do.
    Any further advice will be appreciated
  5. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Sorry for your loss. But it is only a financial one and money can be eventually replaced.
    Now a few words of wisdom.
    There are NO genuine and verified HYIPs.
    Over the years I've seen HYIPs that lasted for 2-3 years, and were probably engaged in some real trading because those couldn't most likely go on for so long as pure ponzi scheme, but all of them eventually collapsed.
    So the hard truths is that every HYIP will scam and disappear with someone's money. You can just hope that it will not be yours, at least not before you're in profit. :)

    If you have any more questions/doubts, feel free to ask.
  6. emmatee

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    Cares campaign-A New HYIP Revolution- It is Real or u to pay just a statement????
    Apologies if my caption offends the Goldpoll Admin/Team or forum executives. Some time ago i wrote informing the forum and possibly Goldpoll team /Admin as i believed they must have a rep here to also monitor forum discussion of how i invested $300 in BTC DEPOSIT still being hosted on the Goldpoll Platform and my money and accrued earning have not been refunded to me up till now.
    I have used the expected as advice - "Put a vote down for Goldpoll Admin Verification and action" and up till now over two weeks have elapsed, i have voted twice,verified my voting through mail and equally sent a formal mail to Goldpoll admin and yet i have been contacted for Goldpoll for verification. The sad and painful thing here that the above mentioned HYIP is still showing paying status on the Goldpoll Platform. I thought here and as per friends recommendation that bad vote will be automatically investigated which is the main focus of the " CARES CAMPAIGN FOR MEMBERS"
    I have decided to Put this down to enable Goldpoll admin/Team to urgently put a problem tag on this HYIP to stop the ongoing fraud being perpetuated by BTC deposit using their highly recommended platform. Pls Goldpoll team and admin kindly do something about this.
    Forum Members:
    Pls i will need your advice on the following question after having so many losses. The sad thing is that all of these losses are from HYIP listed on the Goldpoll Platform.
    Pls i need answer or advise on the following:
    1.Is it true that HYIP platform will continue to reflect pay status as long as they are paid and members are not paid????
    2.Is it advisable not to invest more than $50 0r $100 as most seeing that most hyip suddenly request you to pay more than your initial deposit before you are paid,that is if you are lucky to be paid
    3. What will be the reason for HYiP Monitor not responding/investigating members cry/shout for help in a case of obvious scamme

    Lastly pls can someone come to my aid. By intervention if i get paid fine if not my happiness will be that this fraudulent HYIP receives the problem tag so that members will be saved from them.
    Pls advice-Merry XMAS and Prosperous scammed free HYIP 2017
  7. emmatee

    emmatee New Member

    Hello Sinip,
    Please can i discuss with you privately. I need to clarify a few things privately.
    Pls kindly forward private mail address.
  8. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    I've sent you PM.
  9. emmatee

    emmatee New Member

    hello Sinip,
    I have sent a mail to you on your Private mail.
    Pls did you get my mail???
  10. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Yes, I've found it now. Didn't see it at first. Sorry. I'll reply in due time.

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