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    Earn 0.00000250 BTC per click
    Earn 80% per referral click

    Earn 0.00000250 BTC per click
    Earn 40% per direct referral click

    Withdraw your earnings from 0.001 BTC
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    Unlimited Referrals for all!
    Win up to 25,000 Satoshi every hour!
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    Bitcoin Faucet
    Win up to 25,000 Satoshi with Unique Faucet.

    Satoshi Finder
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    Sister site to Adzbux PTP and Surf with the same team behind the scenes, enjoying over 19 months online and paying!

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    ADZBTC -
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    Admin preparing first major update to AdzBTC

    Upgrade to Ultimate script - Allowing implement upgraded security and all the updates listed below..

    Activity Points - The activity requirements for cashout are changing, we will be introducing Activity Points. 500 are needed for cashout and there will be bonuses for stages above this

    Casino - Purchase coins to play in our casino, we will be adding more and more games to the casino as the interest grows.

    Increased security - secondary password for members

    Daily Points contest - Free upgrades every day for the most active members.

    Revenue shares - Out over a year we can return 120% of your investment with us without compromising our site stability. Allowed for upgraded members only.

    3 Days free Leader Upgrade for all!

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