5 SEO Tips For Massive Traffic

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    1) “Time-Spent” Keyword Research

    The main objective of good SEO is quality keyword research. Remember to have patience when researching and implementing ideas. Take the necessary time needed for each given task.

    Finding the right keywords may take a lot of time and patience. Use tools to help you find out which keywords are the best.

    Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Google Insight and Google Suggestions are good examples of some of the tools you can use to find the right keywords for your niche.

    An idea to sort out keywords is to download them into an excel sheet. Remember that the keywords should match the content and products of your website. Sort the keywords by the number of daily searches, or monthly, or yearly.

    Another idea is to sort keywords by competition levels. The competition of a keyword will give you a clue as to how many competitors there are for that keyword, and the likelihood of how high your results will show for that keyword. The lower the competition, the more likely you will get a higher search engine ranking.

    2) Content

    The second major factor that plays a role in SEO would be original and optimized content. Make sure to deliver fresh and unique content on a regular basis as well as balanced keyword rich content. Typically around 5% to 6% should be your goal. Web crawlers will take notice of this pattern and higher your rankings on the search engines.

    3) Specific Keyword Placements

    Make sure you place keywords in the specific areas that search engine crawlers look for them. Place keywords in titles, description, and tags. Use Alt tags and place them on images if you have any. Web crawlers only read html on your webpages. So where there is html, try to include keywords.

    4) Article Submission

    Submit articles to article websites. This will help your website to get crawled faster. Remember to place keywords in your title, content, and tags.

    Also remember to go back and add article keyword tags for other keywords that happen to display your results.

    5) Social Bookmarking

    Make a schedule to be highly active in social bookmarking sites. Join the most famous bookmarking sites like digg, twitter, delicious, etc. Bookmark your articles on a daily basis. Along the way, make friends or gain “followers,” to build your own line of fans.
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    When you copy and paste from anyplace, GIVE THE SOURCE
    Trying to claim it as your own is plagiarism.
    Plagiarism is not allowed :(
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    Thanks a lot for sharing such an nice and informative tips.This could be very helpful for all of us.
  4. Zoro(Z)

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    Wow! That's a very good set-up you got there and for the trafics i think when all this is Implemented you will get a very good and promising trafics.
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    really good , the first tip "“Time-Spent” Keyword Research " , if this is the basic and the important one . thanks for the sharing !
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    I agree "Content is The king", that's make google happy
    can you tell me how much articles you can post every day
  7. pic143

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    The tips to increase traffic are very good you can also increase your traffic by
    Add new video and images and Write new content for press releases, articles.
  8. fxpicpip

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    I will try this in my blog and I hope it will bring traffic to my several months dormant site
  9. HighProfitOnly

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    try to rename the picture
    <img src="http://domain/picture" alt="keyword here" >
    That will bring more images traffic as well.
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    i think social media optimization is one of the best way to generate huge traffic for your website such as face book fan page,twitter followers,linked in groups,yahoo answers etc as well as you can use any other services for generating traffic such as bogging.article submission,press release,forum posting etc.
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    I think social networking can also do a lot of traffic towards website.
  12. Ambit_Energy

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    Thanks for this!!! Don't know exactly about picture optimization.
  13. Ken Peterson

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    Nice tips, thanks for sharing.
  14. sam051

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    thank you for giving these tips we hope that if we do this our site are get quickly ranked.
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    Here are top 5 SEO tips to increase your website traffic-
    1 forum posting
    2 article submission
    3 blogging
    4 social bookmarking
    5 classified submission.
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    what about backlinking and linking with other sites? for example, wordpress has a blogroll option which can provide visits as it links blogs together internally.
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    SEO Strategies

    For Good SEO Results first and foremost thing is the On-Page Optimization.
    If the On-Page optimization is done up to the mark half of your work is done.

    Then comes the off-page activity, which includes lots of SEO activities like:
    Search Engine Submission
    Directory Submission
    Social Bookmarking
    Social Media Sharing & Social Networking
    Business Listing & Profile Networking
    Portfolio Submission
    PDF, Video & Photo Posting
    Press Release Submission
    Forum Posting
    Article Submission
    Blog Posting & Blog Commenting
    RSS Feed Submission
    Podcast Submission
    Classified Submission
    Google Maps & Places
    Q & A like Yahoo Answers, AOL Answers & Quora

    All the above things submitted in Quality websites will give you the best SEO Results.
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    Thanks for the tips, some I have already applied in practice.
  19. jamhassan

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    I have 3 years experience in seo my point of view is that. If you use Blog commenting and forum posting that good. Use only high pr and do follow links for quick result in search engine. Do you have done any project before that relevant of seo.
  20. Maxim_kohma

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    Whatever the message, video, photos.

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