25% per month pamm or 25% per month hyip! Which is better?

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by hyipearner, Nov 26, 2012.


25% per month forex pamm or 25% per month hyip, Which is better

  1. Hyip

  2. Forex pamm

  3. Both

  1. hyipearner

    hyipearner New Member

    I request forum admin to not delete this thread and give their opinion too. Everyone want money, its better to say easy money and that's the reason we all are posting and reading here. Till now i have invested in many hyips, some gave profit while some was a real junk at least for me :jitters:. I was reading somewhere and the heading was "Should we invest in hyip or forex?" You will simply say that both are different and may be forum admin will say to include this post in forex discussion but i have something different. Think from a hyip investor point of view. I came to start this poll after reading that section.

    1. Hyip: Investor don't know what is happening with his/her money and never get it even at last except to know that they have lost?
    Forex pamm: Investor don't know what is happening with his/her money but at last he got some idea and real proof.

    2. Hyip: Investor money is in someone's stranger accont.
    Pamm: Investor money remain in his/her own control.

    3. Hyip: High degree of risk and a sure principle that sooner or later hyip will run away.
    Pamm: High degree of risk but have a safety of fund because pamm trader can't run away with your money.

    There are risk associated with both and both have high risk. One is fix to scam sooner or later and another has a relaxation of safety of fund. In both we don't need to do anything, just invest and sit back and may be hope to god for profit or give some brain to hyip admin or pamm trader to make some profit for us :D .
    I have started this thread to know your opinion because i am little confused. I received an email (i receive too much email to invest in different hyip, of course with referral link). This program is really different. I am unable to decide whether it should be called as hyip or real investment. I have seen many forex mam or pamm account keep there min. deposit as 500$ or 1000$ or sometimes 10000$. But see their offerings:

    *Min deposit 20$.
    *Deposit and withdrawal at any time without any penalty.
    *20% referral commission.
    *Fund remains in investor account.

    These offering are much or less similar to hyip and even there returns are really awesome. I am in addict of earning easy money:rock:. What you people say? Explain your thinking about this. html is not allowed here so i am posting their graph code. See, judge and say.


    By the way, i am earning good with avo. Hope will be in profit.
  2. solomonlaye

    solomonlaye Member

    both forex and hyip are very risky,they are not reliable,in case of forex ,you can still make money if you are an expert,you monitor your trade and you can see how much you have made but hyip is the worst because you do not know when the site will closed down and fail to pay
  3. Imro

    Imro Member

    Depends on the trader, I'd go for the PAMM though.
  4. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    If you do not want your threads deleted, then do not post them in the WRONG SECTION :(
  5. hyipearner

    hyipearner New Member

    With this single statement we reader will appreciate you if there was something about your view on this topic:unhappy:. By the way, admin is the boss here and will take care this next time :cool:
    Got payment from avo. going good till now :beer:
  6. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Yes GT admin is the boss here but we mods are charged with enforcing the forum rules laid down by the admin.

    One rule is that posts declaring a payment from an HYIP should be made in the appropriate thread in the “I Have Been Paid By …” folder. - http://goldentalk.com/f72.html


    Mods, or anyone for that matter, are not obliged to say something about a topic that you have started.

    However, you have stated that you have been paid by AVO. How? AVO stopped paying days ago.

    I have re-opened the paid thread http://goldentalk.com/t67422-10-500.html to enable you to post your proof. I would point out that your proof will need to be independently verified and to that end you need to supply the information required by - https://www.libertyreserve.com/en/services/search

    Failure to do so can have only one result.
  7. capital22012

    capital22012 New Member

    Its depend on traders both Forex and hyip are very risky.
  8. jflexi

    jflexi Member

    Forex PAMM is more convenient for me, cos experience and knowledge is much needed
  9. syafa

    syafa New Member

    hyip more risky in my opinion, because once we get funding we can not control, when the forex we can still control our funds, although the possibility was too small. :beer:
  10. masikk08

    masikk08 New Member

    I use both to make money and I can say that both are risky. From my experience HYIP do not last as long as PAMM . I prefer Forex investing more. :)
  11. kasual

    kasual Member

    yes, PAMM last longer. depend on when brokers decide to close the programs. but capital won't gone. it'll give back to the investors. while in hyip, when it turn to scam, no profit anymore and capital gone. so, safer if invest in PAMM technically.
  12. jamutavi

    jamutavi New Member

    i would go for forex though
  13. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    It is always better to invest in Forex and expect that because if you put in your money with a manager who is good, there is the probability of having that assurance but in HYIP, it can even close immediately after you made your deposit. They are both risky means of investment but there is a higher chance of a fruitful end with PAMM.
  14. kasual

    kasual Member

    require strategy to make profit from hyip. some of them scam very fast and thus, require to spread the money into many hyip. so, if a hyip turn to scam, investors get profit still from other hyip. if we are did that, we will able to get profit from hyip. while PAMM invest safe more as long as we are choose to let the money managed by reliable account manager.
  15. pettyeve

    pettyeve Member

    I will invest in the forex business instead of in hyip because hyip can fold any time. Forex will be able to give you return because the pamm managers have more trading experience and they will be able to make profit from their trading more than if you invest in hyip that will go scam.
  16. zuperduper

    zuperduper New Member

    Hyip is unclear,,and i recommend to join pamm of liteforex. its good for newbie..
  17. nanypurwanti

    nanypurwanti New Member

    absolutely right sir....
    hyip is scam and never have responsibility to the customers...
    the better is making money in pamm account
  18. sikanderhamid

    sikanderhamid Member

    Both have benefits.

    I will say that if the program you are working with is legit then both have benefits. Pamm will give you mental distress and you will be expecting the profit for your hardly earned investment and HYIP will play the game himself and place the expected profit in your bank account.I will say that HYIP is lot better than forex.
  19. Lotraco

    Lotraco Member

    yes i will prefer a good brokers forex pamm because it is more trusted than hyip 25% monthly and also more secure on our deposite so as for me i will personal go with forex pamm.
  20. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    @sikanderhamid they both is good place to make Money but Hyip is more Riskier to PAMM, Hyip Admins do run away with Investors Money whereas its not same in PAMM.

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